Sunday, April 8, 2018

Two Books

the last two books i read were good!!
The Child by Fiona Barton (had previously read the widow and it was good too! She has a strange/different way of telling a story, but once you get used to it was really enjoyable.
Mystery about a lost child

The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo.  This was sad..... Love lost and found and lost

Also read The Disappeared by CJ BOX .... love, love, love his stories, Joe Pickett a wildlife ranger, his adventures and family.. for me, it is a really fast read, but filled with characters and adventure that moves right along!!!

ALSO found a David Baldacci that i had not read King and Maxwell written in 2013, it was VERY good too, his books are high adventure of the wildest sort and go on and on, not a fast read at all, police/military/private eyes... see.... lots going on there.....

Went to last Community concert of the season and it was really good Mark Masri, i believe he was a tenor (not too good about that) but could listen to his voice forever, very smooth, sings alot in foreign languages tho, so did not really know what he was talking about, but moved me...

Also have walked the last two days.... so maybe i am getting out a bit more?? Also had luncheon with my friends in Bend, One- Mary T.  used to be my boss turned 92!!!

It was VERY windy last two days and today was bitter cold too.... i hear it on good info that Spring will come....

Take Care All

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