Monday, February 10, 2020

Crutching Along

This little violet blooms every year, don't know why, must like its little window or it is persistent.
There is absolutely nothing exciting here.  Doctors appts were all fine, everything i brought up was 'normal'  WELL... maybe to them, not to ME... This is the pitts and things still hurt, sharply at times.. using the cane and feel really, really old. See myself in window reflections  and am just hunched and hesitant and s. l.o.w.
and i have days of regression, that were not really better than the day before.. But then there ARE days of being better and hey, this will pass.  today i do not feel as if things are going to pass and i will be walking normal or being outside w/o being afraid of falling or being shakey..  really it is the pitts.....
And i am not filled with hope or knowledge that it is ok, things are ok....
I'm Ok Your OK
Take Care all and God Bless
Am sure this will pass........................


  1. Two steps forward, one step backward, but usually it feels like one step forward and two steps backward. Pretty violet!

  2. You are moving, that in and of itself is a bug hurrah! There will be lost ground, some permanently, so do not let them lie to you. Having said that, God still blesses, you are still moving and you have lots of friends lifting your body and mind and heart up before God. Love you, sister!

  3. Hang in there, be tough and positive and it will get better. I know that is easier said then done, 18 years ago, I thought I was done, but happliy I am still here and enjoying life. Take cae!