Tuesday, November 17, 2020


Sunrise was this morning at 6:30am!!! Wow!!! Always amazed when i get up that early and am amazed by the sky colors... this was completely untouched picture.. the colors were just plan beautiful!!

I was up for a physical therapy session, could only get me in this early for the 1st one, later ones will be later in the day, thank heavens!!

Love this little book, copywrite 1963 and again 1991... was at Barnes and Noble.. you know, u are walking by the displays on the aisle and low and behold something catches your eye.... prob as it was so small... sometimes those are the best things... and apparently i like ghoulish... couple of pages follow.. it is the alphabet...

haha.. will share more as time goes by....

Some of the afghans i have made this year.... yes, just some, there are others.. ;)

Take Care all and God Bless


  1. That sunrise is incredible. However that book is definitely ghoulish. Very strange.

  2. Beautiful sunrise! You sure have been busy with your needle!

  3. The afghans are beautiful! The book is ghoulish! Hope you are having a great day today!