Friday, July 31, 2009

Last day of July, the summer is just sliding away, day by day. We have had way hot weather, soooo thankful that we have air conditioning, WHAT did I do before this grand event? I am really pampered. Just found out today that the water was only goin on twice a week instead of every other day on the odd days, NOW we should get some greening up of things around here. Had a huge thunder storm and pouring rain for about 10 minutes last night, about 7pm, turned the sky yellow, it was weird, but nice afterwards and a cooler breeze in the window at bedtime. THAT was a really nice change. Doing the Deschutes County Fair this afternoon, I know this will be a mistake, but just can't miss it, love the local fair and all of the crafts, hopefully will get some pics to share .
Have a good day.

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