Thursday, June 1, 2023

Good times

And a good time was had by ALL!! The briskit turned out great, the weather was good, could have been a tiny bit warmer, but not a determent.  We had lots of good food and conversations and it was beyond wonderful to see them and in my space, so they could see my house...  and to share

Love them all to the moon and back

Take Care and God Bless

oh and look at my face.  waiting for the camera to click or flash or something, only one not smiling, but it gives everyone something to talk about for ages to come.  who is the crabby one?

Tuesday, May 30, 2023


 There's been a flurry of activity around here as our "Iowa Family" is stopping in for lunch on Wednesday on the way back home. and they are coming thru Redmond!!! for a visit!! And to see Rylie!! i am under no allusion that i am the draw, hahahaha...  been doing yard work, got the garden in, washed all the house outside walls, do that twice a year anyway, get all the dust and cobwebs down.(have siding) got 4 NEW adirandock (sp??) chairs, lemon lime color.. wonder if they glow in the dark.  have cleaned house to the nth degree.... had to clear off the table, how does that always have tons of stuff on it, it seems to be a 'drop' zone and then things just stay. after cleaning it, everything had a place to go, so what is the prob???  Baked cookies... and the bacon and hamburger for the baked beans, boiled eggs for hard boiled eggs and potato salad... Robin made a pasta salad and will do Quac tomorrow.. also there has  been many trips to the store for various items, that HAD to  have that normally don't have... paper plates, bowls, plastic forks, solo red cups... pop.. there is just alot going on. oh and had to clean the grill and get a briskit and Brian has already got it on... 

big doin's at our place i tell you

Finn is worried...

Took him today and got his nails clipped.. which takes a special trip to Bend (20 miles) as that is the only place i found that does a decent job, and will willingly and knowingly take a crazy thing.. and don't want to be taking to the vets just for that.. i already feel inadequate...  he slept all the way home after his ordeal and is still napping.. geez... doesn't take much to upset his little world...

Finn takes his little paw and can open doors that are not all the way closed!!!! even the one under the sink where the garbage can is.. had to get a child lock

Rhodies were all outside of Dirty Dogs... they were truly beautiful.. we don't normally have them over here, doing very well, but these were between buildings and well protected, not right out in the open..

Take Care All and God Bless

Saturday, May 13, 2023


 Well, it is going well. Finn had his 'little' surgery Tuesday and it has been impossible to keep him down. and i have had to be pretty inventive to get the pills down him.  He still just jumps all over the place! He is part rabbit. Luci never jumped anywhere. would sit and whine until you picked her up plopped her where she wanted to go.  Finn not so much at all!!! and 'down there' looks good... i did take the ring off for a bit yesterday and he started licking, so it went back on, supposed to be on for a week, sooooo......

Still eats my flower petals., so i get to see blooms for a very short time in the back yard... and he barks, oh my gosh.. all the time at anything... You can see him sitting there thinking, listening..

Am going to work in the yard today, got a stake and long lead that i put him on and he just goes bonkers when anyone goes by.. do you think he will eventually get used to people? Cars? planes? we do live relatively close to an airport... yeah, fun.

Nothing much else happening.  next week will be busy, getting ready for my little trip, hair, nails, pedi and then Thursday have shot in hip again.... :)


Mom's lentin rose... i thought it was a goner, looked horrid all winter and early spring not coming out of it, but now has new foliage and lots of blooms, so you never know..

the magnolia did well this year too, lots of blooms, i cut it back a bunch last Fall as i was mad at it for not  barely blooming and getting all scaggly  but bloomed well, so it will be around another year, a neighbor even came over and commented on it!

Take Care All


God Bless

Tuesday, May 2, 2023


 He provides so much fodder  for a blog!!  Today he decided to start eating the tulip petals!! but only the red ones!! and Iris leaves... prob becuz they have not bloomed yet... and come to find out, from an alert friend.... tulips are poisonous!!!  and the little fart, goes out there every time to get one.. so have to watch him now like a hawk when he goes out.. little snot

i do have to say tho that he is really doing well in the potty training.. whines when he wants out or just stands by the door.. so i need to be aware of where he is all the time... so i catch him, can't remember the last time he had an 'accident' and even took up the potty pads... and brian has been walking him and he is heeling really well...

just have to be sure toilet paper is well up out of his reach or the door to bathroom shut!!! Cuz, boy howdy does he ever make a mess.

He follows me around, always on my heels or has his eye on me, so i mostly do know where he is, 'cept those times he goes off the rails to get into something.  can open a door that is not all the way latched. Just fits his little paw in the crack, just so and pop, it opens for him and he is on the way... soooo have to make sure doors are completely closed. And he is a little lovey bug, loves to snuggle ('cept when he has his mind set on something, anything else, and once set he is determined to do what he set out to do.) so, yes, one could say he is stubborn... and he adores Robin and Brian and the highlight of his day is when they come home. He sleeps in Brians chair, mostly on one of his jackets or sweatshirts. and he does not like being left alone.. but eventually does stop barking.. when i come back home he is not barking. and i have yet to figure out how to take him out when i am working in the front yard and keep him in the yard. Think i will get a stake and long rope.. then he will be out, can see me, and will be secure..

Take Care All and God Bless

Monday, May 1, 2023


 We had a wonderful, warm week end and did some of my spring weeding, but today it is 48 and Finn not happy, he was shivering so turned the heat back on and he sits in front of where the fan is, blowing out the warm air... so funny...

have lots of daffies up and tulips are starting... but the lilacs and the hawthorne tree not anywhere near blooming yet. there are blooming pink and white trees tho about town..  here it is the 1st of May and we have had ONE nice week end... have put water on the yard tho as it is dry, dry, dry.. supposed to get some thunder storms in the next couple days and hope we also get some rain... would be so very nice 

having a 'thing' with my nails.. such an insignificant thing really,, but does upset my world.  my nail girl stopped doing it altogether.. and i had a fit and decided to just not have them done ( it is so hard to find new ones that you      feel at ease with) and it has been 6 weeks and they are horrid and not getting any better, splitting and ridges.. old lady nails... so decided wanted them done for the memorial in May and would start a couple of times prior to get them where they should be and wednesday was the day to re-start (should say here there is nothing wrong with the new girl, just was frustrated with trying to find and get used to another person, change you know is not my friend) well.... she got sick had to cancel.... so that leaves my appt mid May only b4 leaving for Washington.... so... do i need to re-start or what?   just leaves you in the lurch with crap nails when they are not done on schedule... and sick is sick, no, don't want to get sick from another person... and don't blame her.... what to do, what to do...

THEN  the TV... i hate change and have not gone seeking another carrier due to that reason and been with the same one since 1978!!! you would think they would have a loyal discount or something... they have changed management/owners... and the TV went off, when it does that, then i have to call and get it re-booted so asked about discounts or new service or do i have too much.. and i suppose i could go with another service or shop about for TV and internet... but don't want to, want them to do right by me and give me a discount! SO.... i had them come in and upgrade and will get it cheaper and now they just have this little tiny box, not the huge box and other paraphernalia  of internet... BUT the channels are all different numbers and the line up is different and the program is different.  i am working with it and played the instruction videos and played around in the different 'windows' and choices and it is ok, but it is different and will take awhile to get used to it.. and does not make me happy, feel all "OFF" like things are not where or like they used to be.... and everything is just a big hassle.....

AND in the whole picture of life of me and the world, i really have no problems.. i mean look, just look at all the upheaval in the world and USA

and just tell me, how do they know you are reaching for the camera to take their picture...????

this was late last nite.. he did not move for this picture tho... and could flip his little paws and he had no movement at all.. how can this possibly be comfortable? yet it must be, right? he can sure twist his body about, much more than Luci could or did, but he is much longer than she was...

Well enough of my angst

Take Care All and God Bless

Monday, April 24, 2023




Aren't i the cutest ever??

Spent the morning basking in the sun!!

Just livin the good life...


Take Care and God Bless

Sunday, April 23, 2023


 Had a great bday on the 19th... Card and flowers from son and robin..AND the flag pole i've been wanting, for some reason, son says someone bent it, walking thru the yard, the past one got bent and was not usable.. feels good to have the flag flying again.. we watched a movie..not much going on here.. things are starting to bud, have the daffies, crocus are done.. putting some water on the back yard.. it has been so dry, there is over 200 inches at Mt. B but we did not get hardly any of it here.  i know i whine and complain when i am inconvenced  by the snow, when it comes down this low (3000') but am glad that we did not get as much as the passes and the mountains!! just wish we could get a bit more rain.  it did, in fact, rain last nite, but just enough to wet the ground a bit, under that is still dust..

I think Finn is doing so well, then, he poops in the house... has not done that for awhile and think it is cuz i was bust with my getting up things and not paying attention.. he does race about and get in the way when he has to go and he was doing that, but i had just had him out for a bit and no go... guess was just not the time...

Isn't it something when the only thing i have to write about is my dog pooping and the weather...??? 

I did have a doc appt for my hip, i thought to get the shot, BUT oh no, i saw the doc, as i had not seen him in over a year, for about 2 min and he said, do you want the surgery (for full hip replacement) i said no, he said ok, will order the shot, and that was it, what?  is that going to cost insurance another $300. i bet.. geez, what a racket... so now am waiting for them to call to set that appt, and another drive in to Bend.

Oh.. I did go see Covenant yesterday, it was very good, Guy Ritchie movie.. with Jake Gyllanhall. Good movie.  lots of shooting and high body count... but really sad that we are not  living up to our promise to those interpretors that helped us in Afghanistan...

Well, that is it.... Take Care All and God Bless

oh, i did go and get my free drink on the 19th, and they gave me my whole order for free!!!  don't know why that makes me happy, but, it does...