Wednesday, February 1, 2023

a day


Made some cards today from some new sets i got ..  was busy makes bees and fireflys...  I have SO much paper and have NO need for anything new, BUT i just can't resist, am a sucker for flowers, bees/dragonflys, trees... and looking for honeycomb embossing folders and found 3!!! different sizes.. and 2 dies for honeycombs small and larger.... so think i really don't need to have more of those and now have 3 sets that have bees in them.. that enough....  i need to get rid of some of the stuff that really no longer use, but can't figure out how to go about that... be nice if i knew some one that wanted LOTS of stamps and whatnot...oh well. am not overwhelmed yet, but close to it... with my new shelving tho.. i am alot more organized.. just have to remember where i stashed things... looked all over for some new paper, and there really are only so many places.. i did finally find it, whew.... the angst.... when i make cards i usually make two of the same thing, so i have one to save or just to use up the paper and not have bits here and there, cuz, u know, u might need that little piece later for something....

Took cans to recycle, normally go to  Brightside Animal shelter, this time took to the senior center for their meals on wheels program... Brian n Robin drink alot of pop... and i can't stand them sitting about when they can be used for good somewhere... grocery, out of bananas and oranges... am in the habit of having banana in the morning and orange at night...sometimes, depending on the day a banana is all i will have until dinner...... i know, i know

Oh.... u know Finn is really pretty good about me working on the cards or sewing, he got up in Brians chair and slept on his coats.... ha.... he is jumping up on the couch and chairs... i don't really care if he is up there, he hardly sheds and is never outside long enough to get dirty... so. the only drawback is  the jumping issue and how it affects his back... but boy he has rabbits legs and can jump high,  have to get things up out of his reach..  but he entertains himself when i am busy, just watch him off and on to make sure he does not have to go outside.. and i am sitting right by the back door and he has come a couple times to be let out.. that is a step in the right direction...  most,  most of the time he is a sweet dog...

Take Care All and God Bless

Sunday, January 29, 2023


 This was 3 Sisters yesterday... then last nite it snowed and now it is 16!!! still snow on the ground but clear skies.  Doesn't look like it is going to melt either, cold, cold, cold out there...

so cold that

Finis will not go outside, and after i was bragging about him being so good about doing so.... geez... i DO have to pay more attention  to him tho and his antics.. he does certain things to alert me to what he needs, but i am cooking or reading or watching tv and apparently ignoring him.. he needs watched ALL the time just not when convenient...

This pic taken North of Madras.. was at my brother's house, helping my niece clean.. yes, that is STILL going on and will be for quite some time... this is really a case of u really need to step in and be forceful, insistent... that they truly need help.. just don't know how to go about that, in this case, sister in law needed to be at death's door b4 they would even entertain the thought that some one needed to come in and help... so we are doing what we can as long as we can.. just hope they will will allow us to keep it up.. maybe a clean-up once a week?? i don't know... guess i just don't know how to do that, w/o offending .  sometimes we just won't acknowledge what is good for us....

Take Care All and God Bless, be kind and loving

Thursday, January 26, 2023


 Niece took this picture couple days ago... was a really hard frost.

I took this today on the way back from Bend, on a fruitless trip, person i went to see was not home. but house sitting in Redmond!! Then i forgot to leave a Stampin Up order at front desk of another person.. but it was a nice drive.

Have been going back n forth to Bend as sister-in-law was in hospital, had a BAD infection in her legs and almost was at Death's door... had she sat on the couch for another couple of days..... but she is now on the mend and in a rehab facility in Madras..

 Finis loves looking out the window... What goes on out there, i don't know, i can't see what it is...  The trip to Bend was also a training trip, to see how he did in the car...Had to stop once and hook him up to the seat belt attachment as he wasn't staying in his seat.  Also going thru Starbuck's ...  he has to gain some patience while waiting in line b4 we get up to the window... geez... barking does NOT make the line faster..

Today was a nice day, so went out and finally got ALL the plants cut back and cleaned up that are next to the road.  boy have we got a load in the back of the pick-up!!  And almost worked up a sweat.  I mean it was really nice out....

Well, that's it... AND the days ARE getting longer....

Oh and we are only getting mail about every 3 days... appears Redmond PO is really short handed.. where did all the people go?

Take Care All and God Bless

Thursday, January 19, 2023


 Fini likes sitting up here and looking out the window.. not much happens out there tho to keep his attention! But he keeps trying...

And when he sleeps it is all out and dead to the world!! Training is ongoing and i catch him most of the time b4 he actually looks for a place to pee... am getting pretty good at recognizing his 'tell' BUT don't know if he connects that he is to do that outside ALL the time and he needs to tell me when he has the urge.  ONE time he actually went to the door, i let him out, he went, and the did his jobs.... it was an exciting day!!  He seems to be getting darker in color and nose and body getting longer.  He grazes his food.... a swallow here and there , not very often does he just stand there and finish the bowl.. except when i put one down that has scraps in it.... thinks that is an exciting thing...  try not to give him bites from the hand. sometimes it is just so cute tho.... no-no- to me.....

He is doing really well in the car and staying in his seat and waiting for me... does not bark and carry on, just sits or lays down and sleeps... Is starting to get excited if i get my things together to go somewhere.. or put on his sweater or harness.... knows we are going to GO!!

So life goes on...

Take Care All and God Bless

Monday, January 9, 2023




Got a new booster seat for the car, and when i opened the box and put it all together, he jumped right in.  Had a fancy, fluffy one, but he was not happy in it.  He is alot more aware of his surroundings than Luci was. She was content to just lay there and ride along, sleeping.  He is up and peering out the window, jumping up to rest paws on window sill to see out, so this was the thing to get, so he could see out when we travel... at first he whined, but quickly got used to it and just sat up and enjoyed the view!!

Here we are in Starbucks line, this is a training in progress event... he really gets himself worked up and have to continually tap his nose or hold his mouth saying NO!!! to the barking and whining... it is pretty pathetic

Yesterday, this was his favorite toy,  it has a LOUD squeaker!!!  He killed a reindeer, tore the squeaker and casing right out and tossed the skin of the toy around all day yesterday....  he, so far.... has not gotten into things he is not supposed to. Once in a while will grab a shoe or slipper and take off racing with it, but normally sticks to his toys.  And is not an underwear eater, so far....  BUT we do take great care to keep our clothes picked up, was well trained by Luci on that score  :)

Is getting better on the potty training and quite often will hit the pee pad or get close to the back door.. which is much appreciated!!!  Does let me sleep (most of the time) or get back to sleep when he gets me up to potty at 4-5am and 7-8am...  eats good....  So things are going along swimmingly.. and he is so darn cute! and is a cuddle bug for sure... Loves when Brian and Robin come home...

43 degrees here and sunny.... the ground has been wet since 1st of Dec. (darn!!! i should have gotten some flowers seed in this Fall).. had some wind the last couple days, but nothing too horrible like in Calif....

Making plans for beach time.... have 3 trips planned so far... to Seaside with Niece for a grade school basketball tournament .. but just riding along for the trip (leaving Finn with Brian) then Spring Break in Lincoln City for the Glass drop on the beach ( the local glass shops make glass floats and litter them on the beach for people to find!!)  then Rockaway in Sept w/Brian n Robin.... so have things to look forward to. and plans to make.... FUN....

Take Care all and God Bless

Friday, December 30, 2022






love our Starbucks pupachino

Friday, December 16, 2022


We are having very, very cold weather... frozen fog every morning... 16 degrees right now


My wonderful whirly-gig always shows the weather off to the best degree.. here it is all covered with the hor-frost, frozen fog, whatever...  we had that wet, wet snow, it froze SOLID, you can walk out there on toop of it, even me.. little Finn has a difficult time, wobbling across the landscape.. and it is really high for him.. he just takes off and climbs and investigates the whole back yard.... it really is the cutest thing.. would be cuter if i did NOT have to be out there with him.. he keeps looking for me and where i am and if i sneak back in the house when his back is turned, he takes off running, stumbling back to the house and throws himself against the screen door wanting back inside.. he has been doing pretty good tho in the potty business and even has hit the pee pad a couple times on his own.. and gone to the back door wanting out, so i have hope that all is going well and eventually he will be trained.  he is 3 mos old now!!!  he is learning... certainly knows his name.. i yell. FINN-NO and he stops and jerks his head up from whatever he is doing and looks at me and then goes right on doing whatever bad thing he was doing....  he is bitey tho and trying to get him to stop doing that.. he knows OW!!! and does acknowledge "gentle" when keeping hold of my hand, or sweater, or blanket or what ever and looks up with that purely Dachsund look they have.... he can be a dear.. but is still a terror, think it is the 'teenage' coming out or terrible 2's maybe... whatever, not fun

This is Umatilla St road to my house...  there is snow stacked all over town in these HUGE hillocks of frozen snow... most businesses have done a good job in clearing their parking.. but some of the side streets are awful and at some intersections there is just frozen ridges you have to bounce over... have to go to Bend Monday and not really looking forward to it, BUT where i need to go is on the way to Mt Bachelor and they keep that cleared REALLY well for the tourists.   :)

Take Care All and God Bless... Blessed Christmas to you!!!!