Sunday, October 13, 2019

Clear skies!!

Mt Jefferson

Mt Hood

Friday a friend and i went to Tumalo to have Pizza at Pisano's, great, oven baked in a great pizza oven right out here u can watch it.  On the way back we drove around Eagle Crest golf resort West of Redmond,  boy howdy there were alot of houses out there, unbelievable!!! But there were these great sights and it was so clear you could even see Mt Hood which is not always the case... So all of the Oregon Cascades were view worthy today.  It was a wonderful day.

Take Care and God Bless

Thursday, October 10, 2019

This was taken day before yesterday in Safeway parking lot.. Love the colors of these bushes.  If the clouds were not there u would be able to see Mt Jefferson..

Haha... you can barely see me.... This is the 2nd Tuesday luncheon with the Class of 65 RUHS members that live around Redmond Area.. fun group huh???

AND this is afghan i am making for my Stampin Up leader who is a rabid Packers fan... She does not know it.. Surprise!! Wanted to do something, rather than just sit and read and came up with this idea....
Hope to have it done tody, only took me a week!  But have been doing practically nothing else   :)

Take Care and God Bless

Friday, October 4, 2019

New Crop

There is a new crop in Central Oregon this year!!

Industrial hemp!!  Yep... there has been lots of controversy . did not really understand, until i got out of the car to take pictures and got a good wind ladened  whiff.... Oh my gosh does it ever smell!!! don't think i could stand living next door to it either if the wind was blowing my way, which i am sure it is bound to do at some point or another. Some of the fields in the tumalo area about 7 miles west of Bend, nw maybe... got decimated by a hail storm, just little sticks were left.  they lost thousands of dollars.. wonder if they can get crop insurance?  there is a lot of hands needed in the harvest i guess.. It does look really rather odd, doesn't it?
there was also a story on the news about farmers having a difficult time getting hay for horses and cattle in the area as many of the hay farmers put in hemp!  If it is like this all over, there will be a glut on the market?? As they made when mint 1st went in a number of years ago.  the mint eventually developed a blight and had to be replaced... wonder if this is tender stuff?? at least the mint smelled good while it was growing.....
Oh.... and that smell stayed with me FOREVER it seemed even after i was long gone from the area it could still smell it, it just stays with you..
Take Care and god Bless all

Tuesday, October 1, 2019



turned into this!!! Thought it turned out rather pretty, if not odd..

These were at Safeway.. AND i thought really odd!!!
Not much to report on... It is October already, this year seems to have screamed past... as living them they are slow, what to do? how to fill? but then when past and gone, they seem to have moved really fast... with barely a thing accomplished... but reading and crocheting.... the yard is all put 'away' have a couple things to do, when it warms a bit, if it ever does... when things dry out.  There is snow on the mtns, early this year, if it but stays or gets more.... have decided to paint in the living room, a grey color, light with one contrasting wall, but am not very motivated to get anything done.. get things off the walls, you know.... went to one of those drink and paint things, that was sort of fun and the pic turned out pretty good.... it is 'art' not supposed to be perfect...  and that is a good thing!
take Care all and God Bless

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Fall Yardwork

That is all i am doing, mowed lawn again today and getting water on dry spots before i shut off the water for the season, nights have been getting a bit cold... AND there was snow on the Sisters 3/4 of the way down, and they are predicting more this week end..... everything smells so fall-ee... pulling things out, cutting back
cleaned house yesterday, and did a DEEP clean as since brian is here i had him move all the heavy furniture, so i could vacuum under and mop... i even dusted!!!! wow!!! i feel so clean...
finishes The Cold Way Home by Julia Keller... another Belfa book, it was good , like the way she writes, but it was so very sad too.....
Almost have another afghan done, am on the final couple of rows.... STILL don't know what i am going to do with all of these... but it is good to have something to do... and keeps my hands busy while watching CNN.. :)
Take Care all and God Bless

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Day Trip

North Sister, Whychus Creek is down in the valley. We could not manage to get down, kept going up and around.... it was crazy
Sooooo we turned around when the pavement ended and went back and when got to level with the city of Sisters was able to access the Creek, it was very pretty and a great day...

pictures are all off my phone.... it always amazes me the quality of pictures u can get!

Three Sisters... and a burn, don't know which it was... there was logging and falling in the area..
there were quite a few cars going up there, don't know where they were all going.. Another car behind us also turned around... it was gravel, one lane..... there were just too many cars up there coming and going to be on a one lane road.... guess i am a weiner.....

Very pretty, but kind of murky, maybe the rain last week and the week end?? Lovely boulders

I look like crap as he wanted to go at last minute and had not done my hair or even dressed up , in my working in the yard clothes and even shoes.... take advantage of when they want to go!!!Thought we were going to do yard work...
Boy those big pants look awful..... and the smoke was doing  weird, sort of cool things....

And looked what i found by the Creek, cute huh?

And look at this root ball.... rocks were in there.... in middle of the pictures... in upper part...

It was a fun day.... and beautiful out....

Take Care and God Bless

Wednesday, September 4, 2019


My dear, dear Luci i am afraid can't hear.... She stays in her bed until i am all the way in the house and in the middle of the living room before she is aware i am home.
And this morning someone rang my door bell (she was sitting in the chair right beside me) and she did not hear it at all.. and she did not even become aware someone was talking to me, a strange voice. Both things would normally set her off.
Sooo it does NO good to yell at her!! When she is doing something wrong.  I think she can tell by my body language that i want her to go out or feed her...  :-)  i have been paying attention to my movements and i normally do the same thing when doing both things, fling my arm in the air in the direction of the door.
She does bring her head up when i do a sharp whistle, when she is outside and want her near me or to come in.... so we will get along...
Don't think she needs to go to the vet immediately, as what are they going to say, yes, she can't hear..?
I feel kind of bad, it is a progression
Take Care and God Bless

my niece and her daughter, my great-niece? came for a visit last night, brought me some of their garden veggies... Yummmm