Wednesday, November 29, 2023




Get eggs from my niece, who lives in Sisters.  she has 6 hens... and look at what one of the new littles did!!! so cool. i am sure that means i get good luck.. huh!!!

they are really good laying hens, at one time she had 8 dozen eggs on hand.. we are now sharing with the neighbors...

Picture she sent me a couple days ago.. we are having frosty nights now and even had frozen fog for a couple days.. which was stellar in that Finn would NOT go outside, go to the door, look out and scurry back in front of the stove!!

We had a feast for sure, turkey on the smoker and a ham!!!  had a good time seeing everyone.

i paid $500 for a plumber to come out a couple weeks ago to fix about 4 different things that needed fixing.. and one of them the faucet in the kitchen, the handle kept falling of and wanted it to stay on, where it was supposed to be... well, yesterday it fell off in my hand... again.... am not happy... there is just a screw that holds it one, will try tightening myself.. but!!! should not have to... really.. for that amount everything should work and stay working, right?

Have got all my sewing done, and the box off to Iowa for the kids... have a stack of things in my bedroom that needs to get wrapped.  FINN has been getting into things and got a pair of socks and ate the heel out of one.. really??? i DO watch him, but he is so fast and sneaky... little turd. am wondering if he is going to leave the wrapped packages alone..

Brian got my outside lights up, we finally found the extension cord attachment we bought n used last year.. BUT for the life of me i can not find my Huge ornaments for the outside tree... and i mean they are huge, its not like they can be hid in a small place, it is a huge bag they are in!!

Been going to the chiropractor and my lower back does feel better.. and things are working better... a happy thing... and the insurance eventually pays for most of it.. going to have quite the mess figuring that all out for taxes... gave here, got back there sort of thing...

For those of you out there who might h a small incontinence issue, Everdries are the bomb...  too much info????  :)

We are heading into a winter storm this week end,  mtns are going to be hit good, but don't know if we get any moisture own here.. would be nice if we did.

Went to a little xmas mkt at Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyards Saturday. it was really nice, not alot of sellers there tho, but found a couple things... for gifts.. it is a really pretty place, great views of the mtns..  you could have had pizza and wine, but i was alone and felt 'funny' to sit there by myself.. enjoying.... but great views!!!

Take Care all and God Bless

Thursday, November 16, 2023




Been making xmas cards and way overdid it.. I get to die cutting and punching and just keep on going until i am crazy.. maybe i will need this color or that, or 50 or 10 or 5000!!!  i mean, really..... did grateful cards. then went to post office and had to pay extra as they were 'lumpy' and would not get thru the fast moving machines that they put the mail thru that reads the zip, i guess... anyway... i bought a bunch of expensive stamps for the xmas cards, so the poor P.O. guy does not have to run each one thru, i had a sales receipt 10 feet long...!!!!

got most all the yard wok done and the leaves to the dump... the ones in the garden are just going to have to stay or get blown away.. am sure the neighbors just LOVE my trees......

 a bag of stuff that i have die cut for more cards

Here he is in his fav resting spot... can also keep an eye on the front yard and EVERYTHING that might pass by

Take Care All and God Bless

Monday, October 30, 2023

the love bug

 Sits right in front of the blower.. BUT he takes off his sweater, goes in a room we are not in and comes out and it is off... sneaky little thing...

But look at that face!!! how could you ever refuse or get mad at him... he is such a love bug!

We spent a bunch of time outside yesterday, trying to pick up the last of the leaves... now i just have to get them i the truck and to the dump... that always seems such a chore... still have not gotten the  limbs cut down that i want to get rid of in the back yard...

OH!!! been watching the 100 on Netflix.. there are 7 seasons, i just discovered.. it is a dystopian thing, with space ships/travel, different groups of people that survived, lots of fighting (still) some romance, but not lots, more people trying to get along with themselves and others.. i am in the 3rd season and do enjoy watching it, that 1st season tho, i was up until 4:30am!! could not find a stopping place and was wide awake....

Take Care All and God Bless

The End

Friday, October 27, 2023

New Snow

 My niece took this picture a couple mornings ago.. snow starting to build up, up there.  this was alpenglow (i never get up that early to catch this light. It has gotten downright chilly here... Finn has a bed right smack in front of the heater... and he pulls it so it is directly in front of the blower

Lots of berries on the tree out front.. deer haven't been at it lately..

Have gotten lots done this week.  i lately have just let things pile up as 'things need to do' and then just forget them, or put it off for later..... ha!  have gotten most all my xmas cards done. got a bunch of Halloween cards, done and in the mail.  had fun doing those, did some fancy folds and used the new "Bones" die / stamp set.. made for some cute cards.. Got my new glasses... got the chainsaw back home all fixed.. been to the chiropractor twice a some more xmas shopping done... took newspaper to a friend who has a wood stove so she can start it up every morning. got my READ books into the car at least... to be seen if i ever remember to drop them of at senior center or to a friend who also likes to read. did some more yard work.. Got to Local Paws to get Finn's special bone he likes to chew on... Got gas!!! got 50cents off a gallon due to rewards for shopping at Safeway. Ordered stuff on line :) changed and washed bedding, gave Finn a bath.. AND he did really well... was surprised, maybe he likes the attention, he just stood with paws on the edge of the utility sink and let me wash and wash.  He gets stinky after awhile.. not really dirty, but stinky... we also went for a walk a couple of times this week. 

And that is about it... just really day to day stuff.. but things that need to be done..

Now it has gotten windy outside.

Take Care All and God Bless  ....    Prayers for Israel and Ukraine

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

just things

 Along 'the back' way into east Bend someone has set this guy up on the subdivision wall.. last year it was a different guy.. think it is a fun thing to do and for us to see.  Seems this year there is all sorts of Halloween displays, LOTS of those blow up things: monsters, dragons, ghosts, witches, neighbor has a skeleton trying ti get out of his bushes.. I put in a purple porch light.  hahahaha... yep! that's it....

Finn's most favorite place to sit... it is the only place in the house where he can see out the window.. barks at everything he sees walk by!! Have a bird feeder attached to the window, so i can see them come to nibble... and he does not mind them.  but boy the guy at the end of the cul de sac... drives him crazy... or anybody and dog walking by..

Go #12!!! that's Rylie playing soccer.. she usually gets a couple scores per game, this one, not so much.. they were not having a good day.. she got in a couple good kicks tho!! that darn goalie tho...

got Finn a new harness and now he looks like the supervisor he is, when he is out with me or Brian in the yard!! Here he is keeping me stuck to my chair! 

Not much happening... Just Fall and now it is getting cold this week, even going to have LOTS of snow on those mtns so the weather guy says.. and normally he is right...  

ODOT says they are 90 million short, really? that much? and they are laying off and will not be plowing the mtn passes as often as they have in the past.. will only be able to manage once per day... wow, really... i am for sure not making any plans to go to the valley this winter, for sure.  they even went so far as to warn, to plan to be stuck in the snow and to have emergency provisions with you... as help would not be coming on any regular basis.. we have gotten so used to being taken of and just as per normal having the roads plowed continuously... its a new world out there.

Take Care All and God Bless

Tuesday, October 17, 2023


 Mt Jefferson... not much doing these last few weeks.  Think i have had a form of the flu, then i fell, flat on my face. ruined my glasses and now have a huge knot n scar on my nose!!!  have been going to the chiropractor the last 2 weeks and that seems to help me.. my neck really got tweaked in the fall, as the back.. and i feel much better.. it is an ongoing process. But i think i have found a really good chiropractor.  SHE is really nice, kind.. explains everything that she is doing and why.  set up a treatment plan for the next few weeks/months that seems reasonable.  Just not something that goes on and on with no reason or result.. so am happy with that.. will see how medicare pays for this... Had to have a plumber in to take care of some leaks. then had to have the Monitor guy in for the heater as irt was not turning on and needed a tune up in any case and the ignitor was not doing its thing and needed a new one. getting new glasses.. have the chain saw in getting fixed as it would not start and have got to get some limbs cut down off those trees in the back.  have to borrow an extending ladder so brian can get on the roof and cleans off the limbs/leaves and crap that builds up over time... have leaf guards on the gutters so as least those should b ok.  Robin is cleaning up the leaves in back yard and i am cutting back flowers and grasses in the front. Brian got out of his cast and can now be of some help about  (don't know if i said or not, he broke ankle jumping off loading dock at work) he is finding he is not as young as he once was, not as bendy... hahaha  Finn is doing well.. just have to get him to STOP barking at people that pass by the car, like gas attendants or fellow shoppers.  he just gets so excitable.... Rylie doing well in her soccer and makes at least 2 or more goals each game...  We are headed into some more warm, fall days, then back to the 50's  OH!!!! saw the eclipse.. it was very cool, got my old glasses out from the one in 2021 or so.... saw the 'ring of fire' really good!! the light outside was weird but not as dark as the other one... but still darkish...

So i am hopeful that the rest of the month will be less of an outlay of money for repairs... what else can break.  things can't all go at one time!!! Take Care and God Bless  (Pray or Israel)

Monday, October 9, 2023

Rockaway, Oct 2023

 We went to the beach!!!! This is Ocean Rogue Motel.. I have stayed at this place since the early 90's with Mom and Dad, then just Mom, niece,  friends.. lots of times.  They have redone all of the units and it is all spruced up, painted, new furniture, very shee-shee... but very nice beds and linens.... the floor was done in that new sand colored mfg wood and when u sweep, u can't tell if u are getting anything or not.. weird choice for the beach i would say... We had two bedrooms and were very comfortable!!!! Was there 4 nights.... lots of time on the beach, Finn LOVED it as there were hardly any people and we let him off leash, he ran and ran and ran, but he does not stray too far from me and comes to a whistle, so that is really good!!! did not understand the ocean tho and would run when the wave came in, did not want any where near that moving water!!!!  Then had to have a bath when we got back to room, not to happy with that part.... :)

He had a great time digging, don't know what he thought he was going to get!

The weather was wonderful, sweatshirt weather, hardly any wind.  Did not find much of anything tho on the sand as far as shells or anything...

Went to Neah-Kah-Nee to get picture... and to Cape Mears Lighthouse and Octopus Tree... Robin had never been!!

Also, finally went to 'big tree' in Rockaway.. never been there, in all this time visiting there!!!! They have a boardwalk out there or back there which was great, but it went on and on and on, thought we would never get there!!!! but we did and Finn was a trooper and did not ask to be carried once...

Going back over my pics... got hardly any pics of me.. guess that i ok, but odd

This is a good one of us, but no background... haha we were up on Neah-Kah-Nee....

it was a good time and will be long remembered.  I am just thankful that they want to do things with me!! I try to stay out of the way... :)

Finn needs to be able to go places tho and not bark at everything he sees, people in the distance, gas attendant, bumps from people up stairs.. sometimes he does ok, then most times, no.. takes exception to people coming up to him/us.. bark, bark, bark The store people in Rockaway were great tho and allowed me to bring him into the stores and look about, and he did get used to there being other people there too, but there was just too much for him to see and was not interested in being pet by anyone, even little kids, he let them but then he was off doing something else.. think he was thinking they had food, don't know.... not quite sure how to socialize him for those things, unless i take him out more.... but i just don't want us to cause a disturbance...

Went to Rylie's soccer game saturday and they won 5-2.. and she made 3 of the points!!! great to see her play, she is always so glad i have come to see her game.

Take Care All and God Bless