Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Not Much

Aren't these cute lawn ornaments?  The stampin Up ladies yard, she has more cute things and some really lovely flowers..

Aren't these lilies beautiful??

Today was nail day... then had to go to another place and get Luci's meds, then to another to get my B12... Then to the fruit stand.... then back to the house to get Luci to get her nails done/trimmed, not the same as mine, hahaha  then finally home to rest...... water more yard.  Things are wilting... and drying out... this time of year can'e keep ahead of what needs to be seen to next..
A friend had a memory on Facebook that 7 years ago we were zip lining in Dubuque, Iowa!!!! It was really fun.... but were short little ones and not WAY high.. high enough for some, but think about it, there are not that many high places in Iowa!!!!
Brian got a different job..... working at a place that makes industrial air conditioners.  have i already said this?  gets him out of the sun and snow and there are benefits!! But it is boring, nothing satisfying that you can see at the end like a nicely landscaped yard or park.  He just does, bits and pieces here and there.... told him if that is what they want to pay him for, then..... what is to complain.
Take Care All and God Bless

Monday, August 19, 2019

Juniper Anatomy

This tree was at the place where i go for Stampin Up.. which is the card making company that i order things from...
This was looking to the east

Another view facing south..
What must this tree had to go thru... what happened to that limb down on the ground?
Parts of it are dead... that limb still has live growth on it..

Here are limbs that have been twisted and turned, broken off

Here is the start of that limb that is laying on the ground.

 Then it has all of this moss growing on it..

Another limb that looks that it broke off, does not look to be sawed off..

And then someone at sometime decided to put a piece of wire around the limb.. What it was sticking out and they wanted the wire off the ground?  Just put it there for a bit, then forgot about?

More twisted limbs, even inside the tree. What causes that, the wind? Just the contrariness of the tree itself..?  some has that long falling off bark on it, some are smooth.

This was really quite a large tree too, for the area. One of the largest about.  Just find it sort of wonderful how it can keep growing.  Hardly any water.  And it has been there for quite a long time.  This is a subdivision out East of Bend, past the airport on the old road to Prineville..  There are quite a few houses out there, some nice, some not so much, but they are each on probably 5 acre lots.  So they could set the houses back from the road.  There are alot of cul-de-sacs.  My friend is on one of those, so they don't get alot of traffic.  And the trees along that highway are quite amazing in their growth and don't really have silhouette but just go sort of crazy ( you know some trees have a definate overall shape, like a poplar, aspen, walnut)  junipers mainly go every which way. And i suppose the weather and wind has alot to do with shaping them.  Sometimes after a big blow you can see huge branches have split off or been hit by lightening.... Just find them interesting.
There was a spot on TV just tonight that they are burning juniper trees, selectively in areas as they are taking over the sagebrush/rabbit brush and animals use that for feed and nothing eats on the juniper.  BLM considers it a weed and regularly burn/remove to let the undergrowth take over for feed.
Poor maligned Juniper......
Ah, well

Take Care and God Bless

Friday, August 9, 2019

Good Book

the Clockmaker's Daughter.... what can i say about it?

Well, it was VERY well written and you DO get good character development.  You care about what is happening or what did happen... BUT i think it is more a matter of my aging... dare i say.  there were SO many people, they all come together in the end, but there were a couple that i said 'WHO is that?' I just could not remember them all and how they fit together or were supposed to. There was a ghost that kept the story going.... and then it kept popping between the years:
 1862, 1898, 1919, 1928, 1940, 1962, 2017 back and forth. i got dizzy.  Would have to sit there a moment and remember the last thing that happened at that period from a couple chapters before...
i do like her writing, Kate Morton.. and have heard about her for some time and even have some downloaded to my Kindle that i have not gotten to yet.. it is a mystery, not really a murder, just poor happenstance.. one little, tiny thing can have repercussions.... thru the ages and many peoples lives...

Take Care and God bless

Friday, August 2, 2019

Morning in the Garden

This year, i have many, many sunflowers and i did NOT plant a one!!

AND this holly hock came up in my planter in the front

 Have not a clue as to the why... It is not even the right color!! On the side where the 'garden' is supposed to be they are all the dark purple color.  I have wanted one this color forever and have tried to plant from seed and little plant and nothing took, they all died or did not reseed. And then... here is this one!!! What a neat thing to happen.

I have sunflowers ALL over, there are really alot of them behind the pick-up, have not used or moved the pick up yet this year, so they are all doing fine, even have a couple of those purple holly hocks back there, and when i go to the dump, they will all get run over.... oh well, can enjoy until that time, then will have to pull everything out...

 Here are the dark holly hocks...
They really do get ratty looking, the leaves turn brown and get all bug eaten and frilly... but the flowers still bloom.  Oh, and they all fall over too, that is when i get disgusted with them and pull out.  BUT some of them are really thick stalks and deep, deep roots, even used an ax last year on one of them and that silly thing still came up this year, once again...

oooo, then there are the stargazers.. love, love, love them.... they do pretty good under my bedroom window out front, only get morning sun, face East... but they seem to migrate and never come up in the same place, pretty close but not the exact same

Then you get these which look like a faded stargazer and i never planted them, but they are certainly prolific when they finally bloom, there are 7 blooms on one stalk!!!

Do really love my flowers and that they come up year after year. I hardly planted anything new this year... and have loads of the yellow flowers below,  not sure of the name, but they REALLY reseed, get the seeds ALL over the place as with the poppies, which i did not get a pic of this time... well, they are really not too terribly pretty, early morning they bloom and normally only last a day, but there are SO many of them that there is always one blooming here and there..

The poppies REALLY get ratty looking... and i keep pulling them up, cutting them down and they just keep coming up, itty, bitty little seeds, i get those all over my feet when i water or cut them back, so i think that i track them all over too!

Take Care All and God Bless, have a sunshiny day!!

Saturday, July 27, 2019


LOOK!!!! What is blooming in my yard this week, or last couple of weeks, 1st saw them b4 went to beach.  You know some years they are not there at all and some they come back.  I try not to dig around too much in the area where they are... They really have ugly foliage/stems..  But the  bloom is really beautiful, but do look a little faded this year.  Seems like in past years the pink was more vibrant. I have one picture of these blown up huge and it is in my bedroom and is also my screen saver on my phone.....
They are a special thing and always so glad when they show up.  It was here when i moved in, i did not plant or seed it... it just does its thing...
One of God's creations
Take Care and God Bless

Friday, July 26, 2019


Just love these and thought i would share.... so many different colors!!!

SEE.... aren't they great... these were all in Cannon Bch in front of the Birkenstock store...

Take Care and God Bless

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

More Twin Rocks

Our first dinner at the beach.. at the Parkside in Garibaldi.. had another filet mignon, SOOOO good...

Such good friends!! On the walk down to Short Sands...

We had such a good time in the Twin Rocks/Rockaway area

This is such a good picture, taken in Cannon Beach..

LOVE, love those hydrangeas...

Brian and Chloe at Twin Rocks

 This was the last picture of the rocks on Wednesday morning... 7-19-19 it was a little foggy, a little rainy....