Monday, September 26, 2022


 oh look, got my finger in the pic again.. having a bit of a TIME with the new phone and the placing of my finger when taking pictures.

This was at Safeway, they had some very pretty set ups of the flowers and pumpkins!!

This one is ok... ;)

Plumber comes tomorrow, so should have pics of new vanity... going to have to be creative in how all my "stuff" is going to fit in there with NO drawers.... suppose i will adjust, but it is a change.. you know how well i love change.. there are things i can get rid of... I did throw away an old quilt that is just trashed,, i kept it all this time becuz grandma made it, but geez, i will never be able to figure out how to fix it, it was just falling all apart and stuff coming out.. she made quilt tops with material from old clothes and most were hand pieced, so they were not tightly together. and thru the years they just fall apart... they were tied together with yarn looped thru the top, bottom and inner stuffing and tied. but still... i felt bad for not treasuring her work, but i did for many years.... just not forever i guess, i have others of hers that she made that have stayed together... so there is that...

it was 90 today, clear... but it was certainly Fall.. and now we are getting some clouds...

Been making Halloween cards...  sort of fun.. to be scary-like

Take Care All and God Bless

Monday, September 19, 2022


 Still in the midst of the bath vanity replacement.. the one i originally got did not work, the drawers were too wide and would not fit around the water lines... geez.... so had to take back the one i had and get another, thank heavens they had one with no drawers.  Will have to be inventive in how i store things, there is lots of room under there... AND they have to go under the house to fix the outside water faucet that will not turn off. And the place to get under the house is in the closet in Brians room and it is filled with 'stuff' .. AND the plumber does not install the cabinet, we have to do that, needs a couple tweeks, about an inch of basebrd has to be removed and about 3" of linoleum.... so have to get those little things done, then call for another appt... nothing is ever easy... and the house is old and parts don't always work.

on the up side i went to a quilt show at a local church and my heavens!!!! how in the world do people do this... and most all of them that had quilting was all hand quilted, must have taken hours and hours... my patience does not extend that far...

look at that intricate work... they had stories attached to lots of them and that was really interesting, what inspired, who they were for or from... how acquired

Doing all of these extra large so that u can see the work

this is a double wedding ring, always like this pattern, so tiny and different sizes

favorite bird

Great wool work

And a modern one or art deco


Take Care and God Bless

Thursday, September 15, 2022


 In the throes of change... i hate change. BUT the sink was rusting out, one morning a BIG chunk just fell off! So it was time. Many hours trying to find just the right vanity, to fit, 1st of all and that i liked.. Have the walls all sanded down and painted. And why did they not sit the vanity ON the linoleum, why cut out that one tiny bit? in the mobile home i had they just laid it all down, square and sit everything on top of it... and of course the new one does not cover it all up. Why do i see houses that everything looks perfect after a remodel, like it was supposed to be that way, was always that way and u know it wasn't becuz u saw it b4... oh well, it is what it is... plumber coming Monday, as we can't get the pipe off??? i know, right? and don't know how to make things work out.. already had to buy a channel wrench, or whatever and then the big nut was stripped when it was put on, back in 1978 and will. not. come. off.

and i bought and framed some of the wedding pictures.. just store bought frames, did not have the framers at Michaels do it, thought these were really nice.. also have 2 5x7 black and white ones... that are very sweet ones that i love...

now i have to find a square inch of area on my walls to get them hung, so they don't just sit there forever.. i feel like i need to live with them for awhile b4 i make any lasting decisions. becuz normally when i hang something it stays that way forever... can't imagine it being in another place..

Have a collection of crosses that i had in the living room and when i took everything down to paint, i moved them into the bedroom and that took alot of thinking about, the picture that i had where they are now i no longer thought wonderful, it was huge and took up lots of room.  guess that happens.... but for me... not so much.

I find myself in a place where i don't think i can stand not having an animal about to love and cuddle... yet, i find it really, really hard to get another and replace Luci... not that she could ever be replaced

Take Care All and God Bless

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Sunflower field

  Crazy,,, this field is on south canal by the high school, it is great, not very high tho, about knee high but very pretty. They also have a veggie stand, got some cucumbers... it is help yourself, honor pay.. had some really nice melons and squash..


take Care all and God Bless

Tuesday, August 30, 2022


 Right in Bend!!! 7p Sunday evening.. Three people dead including the shooter taking his own life. One elderly man 84 at the entrance and a heroic produce worker (66) who made an attempt to stop him.  Which almost certainly slowed him down, the police were there within 4 min of the 1st 911 call and entered the building for..  there were two more injured i believe, but have not heard about them yet. Apparently his plan was for the 1st day of school at Mtn View H.S. which does not start until AFTER Labor Day and he could no longer wait (according to a blog he was writing).  At 7p there is not a bustle of people in the store.. but still plenty. He had an AK47 and a shotgun... he was 20.. what can be so horrid at 20 yrs old?  you haven't even had any time to figure out anything, really.. I am sure more will come out.. this is what we know now.. and surely it is not enough to be any type of reasoning. but there is no reasoning to make any of this ok.  and we think this can never happen in our community/neighborhood. Bend is only 16 miles from Redmond, where i live. there are almost 200,000 living in Deschutes Co.  is that a large population to foment this type of response to a feeling of, of what? i don't know what causes this response in young men. a lack of education, training, home life? where do we start? i think a ban on assault rifles is a start, what is the need for them in society. as a tool of war certainly, but at home? for young men, disassociated with reality, home life, reason. There had been a ban on assault weapons  that expired in 2004,  incidents have gone up since and have been exponentially more violent. Is this truly what we want? and become so inured that it is accepted as the norm?

I worry about it. I wonder about it. what can we do? i ache for the people involved and pray for them in this violent upheaval of their lives and our forgiveness for letting it continue

Take Care and God Bless

Wednesday, August 24, 2022


 I love these, could just put LOTS on as i took LOTS of pics of them.  they dies out in the place where i usually went on the Mississippi, froze of something one year, but found some near the I80 bridge, it is a wonderful neighborhood RIGHT on the River, but right ON the River is not sometimes a good thing, and i noticed that all new housing going in replacing older homes or on stilts or two stories, with living on the top floor and the 1st floor a basement.  Some were set up as patio type things, which looked really nice...

We were down in that area one time when i 1st started going to Iowa and talked to a guy who had been flooded out 3X... 3x!!!! wouldn't once be enough?  but i guess if you lived there it would be worth it for MOST of the time that u did Not have flooding..

and isn't this lovely....??? except...... these are invasive and some of the little docks were no longer accessible, a person would really have to be on it to keep them from overtaking your area, so you could dock a boat. noticed on dock further down the river where we got the River Cat that they were starting to encroach... and where some had obviously been 'treated' and were dead or dying

But that being said and i don't live there, they are beautiful


Take Care All and God Bless

Oh... and nothing going on here just catching up on things...

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Day 18

 As has been suggested, no, this is not my house, just a really cool shack and thought good picture, i even had to turn around and go back to get it..

We are back, Rylie is back with her parents and really happy to be away from aunt Loree i think, but we did have a good time, saw lots. drove alot, spent more than a person should, but things are really expensive... saw gas at $3.15 in Pleasant Hill, Iowa WalMart. (no, i had just gotten gas !!) no homeless people the whole way until i got back to oregon and saw a tent on the median of I-84 in Ontario and more trash than any other place alongside the roads of Oregon that any other state we went thru.  Don't rely solely on GPS or maps, whatever- on the phone, a good old paper  atlas is always good to have. and at times essential.. the phone is a good device, does alot but has no common sense.  But the phone was very handy in a 10 yr olds hand to find the nearest Starbucks and directions to hotels...

I saw my Iowa family and love them dearly, so sorry that we aren't nearer, or in the same place.. It would be the neatest thing ever if they were to relocate to Oregon... becuz i certainly can't move!!! It is too hot and sticky in Iowa.... it is the most awful thing to know they are growing and i can't see and be a part of or help with everyday 'things' that come up, my family is here and here i will stay and hopefully be able to stay in contact and visit now and then,  which seems lame and not enough. life does throw mud up and down the road traveled for sure... we can just scrape it off and carry on as best we can. wow, that does sound maudlin 

Got this picture near Twin Falls this morning.  We did NOT get to see the Falls as they don't open until 8am and we were well on the road by then.. AND no pioneer ruts either as i never saw any sign this time of Oregon Trail Ruts... so what we did is get Starbucks for the morning and drive, drive, drive.  When you are doing 80-90 on the freeway and then have to go back to 55-65 on the rural roads, it does seen to go alot slower,,, BUT there are curves and turns... AND there was some EVENT at the Clyde Holiday State Park out of John Day and we had to "hold it" until Dayville.. and that is the down side to not being on the interstate is there are not regular rest areas and you have to inventive.  Gas stations, grocery stores, behind old barns or houses :) city playgrounds/parks sometimes have rest rooms too. That rest room in Dayville, is really nice, clean, and everytime i have stopped there, someone has taken the time to put little vases of fresh flowers, they even have decorations and wallpaper, it is like your bathroom at home... almost....

Tons and bunches of THANKS and love to the people in Iowa, who took time to escort us about, entertain us and plan things that we could do each and every day, fix us meals and generally make us feel at home and welcome.  We both so much appreciate it and feel the welcome and love..

Take Care All and God Bless