Sunday, November 21, 2021


 It was such a nice day that i needed to get out, so drove to Madras to see brother/sister-in-law... It was a nice drive, not too much traffic, but steady.. Could see all the way to Mt Adams!! (I think) Jefferson, Hood and of course the Three Sisters..

Take Care all and Happy Thanksgiving... God Bless

Tuesday, November 16, 2021


 Xmas cards all done, just have two more specialty ones to do.  BUT will wait until after Thanksgiving to send them off.

Now i need to get the gumption to finish my sewing projects... I over think what needs to be done. It is like i have to set in my mind how to go about each step and have all of the stuff and space.. don't know why i cant just get at it, would certainly get done much faster, than sitting here 'thinking' about it!!

We have just had uncommonly NICE weather, turning a bit cold today, but have had some days in the 60's. on my memories on FB 7 years ago we were shoveling out of a foot of snow at this time!! Times have changed for sure.. Do have all of the leaves picked up, bagged, in back of truck, just need to get them to the dump, think tomorrow is the day. had a great wind yesterday and most of last nite.. lots of little limbs down in back yard. Got them picked up and in the recycle bin

Got a little post card thing in the mail today to contact my mortgage company and 'time sensitive'. so did NOT call the # given , but the # on my paperwork, it is a scam they said... have gotten an uncommon amount of mail wanting me to get this credit card or that... and the phone calls, boy howdy.. Verizon says it is potential spam, now why would i want to answer those calls?? and if i might there is no one there, suppose had i waited long enough someone or automated something would come on, but dead air, i hang up.. guess that gives them hope? and blocking the #'s seems they just use another... must get 5-10 of those calls a day.. someone, somewhere has got my #... geez.... just poke ignore... and it all really started when i did the re-fi of the house for the roof... don't think that is very nice or called for.. where and how did they get my number, address?   county records??

Well, that's it folks... not much happening in this part of Oregon for sure..

Take Care and God Bless

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Vets Day

 Getting xmas cards ready... taking many steps this year. Hope they aren't too "lumpy" as post office does not like that...

Harvest cards....

Niece got these for me for Veterans Day.. and took me to the parade here in Redmond, the rain stopped just in time.. Since it was rainy that day in the early hours, the flag people did not put out the flags, 1st time in  long time, or as long as i can remember that the flags were not up and down the main streets in Redmond, makes quite a show and is so very patriotic... love seeing them

Here is our local band.. the other high school had their band in it too, but as far as many of us are concerned THIS is the only one!!! When i was much.... much.... younger the Redmond band was really something and even marched in the Rose Parade in Portland.  Remember them practicing up and down the streets for months before hand.  It is a real accomplishment to get a band  together and be good enough to do that, lots of practice.. they played from memory too!  The music director was Clyde Moore and he always had a great band and chorus... And there were twice as many in the band back then, and the city was only 4000 people with about 600 in the high school, but they came from all over deschutes county as Redmond has one of the largest in area school dist in the state.. now i think our population is close to 20,000 and two high schools, redmond high alone has over 2,000 students

Take Care and God Bless

Monday, November 8, 2021



Snow on the mountains..

 At 7am the sun was just peeking between the blinds and showed up on my picture of The Three Graces by Garabaldi...

Take Care and God Bless

Thursday, November 4, 2021

this n that

 We have had some rain, but mostly just grey icky weather with no substance... and the dampness lingers.. Got most all the leaves up with Brian finishing.

I have been nursing a bad back,  my hip hurts (the one that was replaced) so that makes me favor it and makes other things off kilter... suppose eventually i will get better. Have been making xmas gifts and sitting at the sewing machine is not helpful, no matter the chair/pillow, taking breaks. after all it does not ALL have to be done right now.  Just don't like all of that 'stuff' sitting out right in the way.  Have to have it done on the table which is sort of the middle of everything, then you have to do other things around it. very inconvenient. would be so much better if is just had a room dedicated to all of my hobbies.  

OH... the xmas candy is out!!! always so very exciting... there are kitkats that are candy cane and peppermint, and peppermint m&m's.. snowballs too, but that did not sound very good... AND i should not be eating candy.. but can say it lasts quite some time!! now just have to find very little lights, that are only 25 lights, don't need 100 on a string, just a short one... had that in the bathroom and quite liked it, but they burned out....

nothing else exciting comes to mind...

Take Care and God Bless

Brian got me this flowering crabapple for mothers day one year and it is a source of delight, with the blooms in the Spring, to the lovely burgundy color of the Fall and these little apples that the deer like... we almost killed the top one year when throwing too much snow on it when shoveling, but Brian fixed it with duck tape and seems to be just fine and flourishing.  we are always cutting it back to get around and get into the car.  Brian twines the branches together to get them to droop.  i get in trouble when i just cut them off/back

didn't get the rain drops very good, but it was pretty this morning

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Not Much

 Boy, have been doing nothing... well, did clean house Friday.  Boy, was it ever due!!! Had picked up most of the leaves, got 11 of those HUGE black garbage bags full. and today brian got another two, as he finished.  I am incapacitated.  My hip, the one with the partial replacement, is excruciating.  Know idea why and more than likely need to go to the doctor.  but... don't want to, have my well check up in Dec and will just have to 'soldier on' until then.. Getting up from sitting down and then sitting back down, bending over, all are to be avoided.... of course just sitting is fine... 

Reading "the Book of Two Ways" by Jodi Picoult and.... just don't know, about death and dying and Egyptian  "digs" and mythology... which is hard to keep straight.. but there are two stories going one with the same people... before and  15 years later, after...I like her writing, but this is a different one...

Brian's work is really starting to pick up and he is getting up earlier and earlier. their (UPS) goal is to get everything in the delivery trucks by 10am, so they can get to their routes, so can sort of guess by how many pkgs coming in from different places, freight and air,  the day b4 and how many they have working (if they show) how long it will take to accomplish this.  Very few times are they late.. don't see how it works, but nerves do get frayed :) and he has to be there by 3am.... NOOOOOO he manages just fine, and i don't even hear him anymore, and of course does not bother Luci....

I did get all of my cards, Halloween and birthday, done.  now need to progress to xmas.  also have a bunch of material i got to do pillowcases (guess the Halloween ones are now late) hmmmm, and bowl holders and large hot pads. Got some really neat material from quilt store in Bend... sort of more than i would like to pay, BUT it is really nice and pretty.  Just have to stand to get things cut, then sit to sew. And sewing does NOT make me relax.  Mom always said it relaxed her and she could go to her zen place.. i go to my anger place, if things do not go as they should.  Also have some mending to do and a cover for a heating pad that i have, that the cover is old and falling apart.  

Most all of the yard work is done. Just have to get all of those leaves to the recycle.. i DO love the smell of those Fall leaves!!! What is that?, it is a special smell. as an aside... One year, must have been the year i was in Iowa in the RV,  2010 as that was the year i was there in the Fall.  Carol knew some people that had a co-op thing with a bunch of families and they owned an old farmstead in the country a couple miles  from their home in Genoa in Illinois, so it took us an hour or so to get there.  And they had a Halloween Fall feast with all the families.  We took her oldest grandchild,  Made/painted pumpkins, there was a fire, with burning leaves, chili in the hall and then stories around the fire.  It was a fun night and everyone was really nice.  It was just a nice family affair with the kids in Halloween garb. There were LOTS of trees along a little river. And there was that smell.....

That, all i have, lots of rambling and not much really going on. I think the car has been in the garage for 4 days....

Take Care and God Bless

Wednesday, October 20, 2021


 These are my backyard trees, with ALL the leaves!!! And they are just about down.

Already have 10 bags and lots to go!

It has really turned cold and blustery today. Yesterday was just wonderful. Had a day of chores, here and there and round about, in and out of the car..

Have got to get Halloween cards done!! And a box off to the Iowa kids... am slow.. but have gotten birthday cards done!!

The leaf color about town is just beautiful

One of those b-day cards.. using the forever Fern set

Nothing else to say, forgot to put the stew meat on, so we will probably be eating at midnight, HA!!!


Take Care and God Bless 

the last of the pictures of the whirlygig with the tree across the street, until there is snow on it!! I sit in my chair and take these pictures, the light shining on that tree at certain times of the day is just beautiful and noteworthy

that tree is late getting green in the Spring and loses its needles/leaves early too, but stays and bright yellow color for most of the Fall weather..