Saturday, March 6, 2021


 Got my 1st shot yesterday, arm hurts like anything, am sure it will go away.. flu shot hurts too for a day or so, soo... there is that.. 2nd one is the 26th... our National Guard was giving it... made me feel cared for and protected....

Tuesday, March 2, 2021


 Just love SnapChat!!! and all of things i can be!!!

Today was beautiful!!! so i worked in the yard, picking up twigs from trees in back and breaking them to fit in recycle bin, raked more/left over leaves and picked up, blew out dirt in garage with blower thing..

should have waited till the end of the day to post as surely i would have more to put in here, and 'lo i did!! messed up keying in brian's w-2 last year in all of the many, many forms to fill out for UPS and he paid NO fed taxes, so, now of course he has to, and tried to get into the program to correct and OH. MY. GOD. passwords and pins and protections, OH. MY.  had a total meltdown, yet again, snot, ugly cry all over the place, got locked out for the day on the computer web site as tried too many times and it was just the final straw... can't stand, will wake up tomorrow all swollen eyes and headache, ick.... why do we do that to ourselves? once i started could not stop... was noon and had not showered yet or gotten out of jammers, so just got in shower and washed it all down the drain, ain't life grand....

Take Care and God Bless ALL

got it!

 think i finally got a shot appt!!! Friday 8am!! felt there would be fewer people  that early, guess we will see!!! Hope this is a step towards normalcy!!! That would be fine!

Take Care all and God Bless

oh!!! and we are having Spring-like days.... little buds on trees, daffy's pushing up along with crocus, green weeds poking out too :(

have stopped feeding the birdies as there was an article in the paper about them getting salmonella from dirty feeders, to clean out with bleach and not feed them for a month... hard, they call to me!!!

Monday, March 1, 2021


 Love this 'chickie' stamp/die set.. expect to make lot of cutesy cards!!

Not able to make  covid shot appt! been up since 7:30 am and their system is DOWN!!! Last on there was sunday and they said, what it has said all week that all appts were taken for the week ending 2-26.... phone wont even ring thru and comp sites will not load or even come up.. sooooo guess that is one way for them to take care of the issue... and... guess i will continue as i have been ...

Which is not much.... guess i could get on the garage and closet issue... hahahahahaha

Take Care and God Bless ALL...

Thursday, February 25, 2021


 Why is it when i get the phone out and want to take a picture, she knows and turns away...

Really getting white...

Have to really pay attention to her and her wants, becuz!!! if i dont get her out, she will just go in the house, so have to be on top of my game :)

Isn't this the cutest little arm? and again, really white....

Well this thing is not working and can't get the cursor down near the other picture.. what the heck?

ooops, just went there... well, good.

Am getting tired of this getting old thing and all of the aches and pains assoc with it... Physical therapy going well, working on getting my inner ear adjusted so that i am not dizzy when i get up from my chair, which does happen occasionally. It is so darn cold outside... with wind that seems to come right off the snowy mountains... sharp.. and last night the wind chimes went wild all night long, would keep waking up and lo' they were still banging around.. my fault for hanging them in the eve right above my bed, almost... but mostly it is nice and gentle and soothing most of the time.. not so much last night..

So the walking has slowed again, i am SOOOO inconsistent, it is sad... and yesterday did not even do my exercises in the evening .... it was a bad day and spent most of the time crying... sad, huh? I have great, wonderful memories.. but am having a hard time accepting i will no longer see Carol and will no longer be making memories...

Went to get the taxes done today... what a 'thing' the go thru.. can't go inside, have to pick up forms in a box on their front porch, make appt, walk to a window on outside of building and things are put in a push out bin and they give you things back the same way, they did call me a couple hours later to  confirm some of my forms.. and then I will pick them up later next week. Weird....but will do as they want and say as it is free at Neighborhood Impact and they are very nice and have had no probs with them and the results.....   and free is good... last time i paid an accountant, about 10 years ago it was $200, so hate to think what it is now..

got my computer worked on, just updated, gone thru stuff moved to where i wanted it, becuz i could not figure it out. and that is what they are for! right?? and they "beefed" it up!!! and boy it is fast now.. which is great, amazing what you get used to and accept as ok...

Take Care and God Bless.... make good memories while you can....

Sunday, February 14, 2021


My bestest friend passed away today.. she was only 67. My Iowa friend. We were friends for 42 years! She watched Brian after school when we 1st moved to Bend. She later moved back to Lacey, Wash and then followed her daughter and family to Iowa. 

I had SO may memories of her, her daughter... all the things and places we went. Vacations, shopping. Taking Brian to Chicago..I even flew back there and we drove home to Redmond, took us 9 days!!!

she came for my 70th birthday (hence the picture)

I really, really don't like the years passing like this and losing those you love and care about.  i feel so lost.

We were in contact by text every day.... sometimes many, many times during the day. She was an RN and our go-to person for all things medical.  Have NO idea what i will do now...

She was by far the kindest most caring person.  I feel so badly for her daughter and her children, Carol's four grandchildren.  She worried so that they would not remember her as they grew up. She was always there and so helpful for them and for all of us. 

She was born on the 4th of July and left us on Valentines Day. God Bless and keep you 

Carol Ann Dorsten Hulse 7-4-53 to 2-14-2021

Friday, February 12, 2021


 Making two afghans!!!  Work a little on one color, then go to the other for awhile.. basically the same pattern, so probs... just the same over and over so gets tiring...

Have been baking too, cookies, little apple pie things, something else too, but forget what it was. haha

this one is a little crazy and don't know why i thought it was a good yarn to get when i was in the store, must have been having an off day! Can't think of anyone that would think it as ok..

Discovered a new author, John Hart.. just read the Unwilling, it was pretty good, adventure/mystery..North Carolina, kidnapping, murder, some torture... Vietnam era... lots going on. But read it in two days!!! And he has about 10 other books, so have to see if i can locate any..

We had some more snow, slippery conditions, so am not going anywhere but to my physical therapy and spa appts!! You know i have my priorities.....

Luci was a pill, since it is 16 degrees out, she chose to poop in the house rather than request to go out!!! Not happy with that choice!

OOOOOO, Brian made some street tacos and they were excellent.. want him to make more... also found salsa at Safeway made in Bend! and it was really good!!

Not much else happening here... Did not even make any Valentine cards this year.

Still watching CNN and MSNBC to see what all is going on.. how can you have the same set of facts/story and it is taken two different ways?  Well guess that goes on all the time. BUT this time we have all the perfidy right in front of us on TV!!! and months and years of malfeasance..

Take Care and God Bless