Thursday, May 19, 2022


 My trees finally leafed out.. thought they were dead there for a couple weeks... it has been a really cold Spring so far, only like 2-3 days that it was anywhere near warm... they were about two weeks behind two years ago (so says my Facebook memories) Brian spent the last two days, trimming the branches, climbed up into the trees and all, then even picked up all the limbs and placed appropriately in pick up or recycle bin.  i was impressed!!! did not even ask him or anything. then today he mowed and helped me edge..  think he wants it all looking nice for girl friend coming this week end.  hahaha, oh well, however it gets done, i am a happy camper..

THEN the grand niece took her mom and me out for lunch with her birthday money!!! And it was all her own idea!  I was SO impressed.  we went to Red Robin and had a really nice, good time... also some kid shopping at Claire's (earring place)  she is growing by leaps and bounds!!! 10!! now... how time goes by... Plays soccer and baseball and has two dance classes, hip hop and ballet... busy, busy...

Got my 2nd prolia shot... then have a bone scan in July to see how i am doing.. feel good, no falls or breaks... good to go

Binge watched the last of Ozark,,, oh my....

also Lincoln Lawyer.. totally liked it!!! and am in mourning for the end of This Is Us.... what ever will i watch now or look forward to? they did a great job i felt in her transition, a novel way to look at things and remember... i cried and cried..

Going to house sit for my niece in June and care for cats and dogs, chickens.. AND i can binge watch Mandalorian... i am more than excited... have ever only gotten thru #3, so now i can finish.... Disney  Plus...

Am reading Bloodlands by Timothy Snyder, Europe between Hitler and Stalin.. it is real eyeopener and pretty much/well explains the whole 'deal' with the Ukraine... what people do to one another is beyond understanding.. how can they even think of some of these things...??? I just wanted a better understanding of that area.... but feel like i am in school  :)

Just finished The Lioness by Chris Bohjalian, it was good...

Take Care All and God Bless

Thursday, May 5, 2022


 This was in the morning on my way to visit niece April 29th

and this was the afternoon on the way home, the light is always different..

Take Care and God Bless all and happy Mother's Day to all you special people out there

Wednesday, May 4, 2022



Looks like a peony, but its a tulip!!  So pretty.  We had a really nice day in the 80's today.  Went to the cemetery today to do the edging in readiness for memorial day.. like it looking all nice and neat. and i am the only one that does this... my niece takes flowers thru out the year, but i go to both cemeteries Madras and Redmond and take care.. I makes me feel good. and i talk to them and sit and have lunch.. i know they know i am there.  :)

Take Care and God Bless

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

nothing hapening..

 the cortisone shot is still working, i am walking everyday and pushing to walk further and faster, rather than mosing along :) Still no rain and very dry... got some yarn and crocheting some baby blankets... know a few people having grandbabies!!! been cleaning and dusting.. never ending isn't it? have started watering the yard, need to fertilize. weeding the rock filled driveway... can't stand weeds in there, i spray and weed and chunk at it with the hoe... fun stuff

that's it

Take Care and God Bless

Wednesday, April 20, 2022


Okay... i turned 75 on tuesday and now i feel like i have turned the corner to "old" and feel bad as there are so very many that have not gotten to this milepost. and overall i feel pretty good really. This i took on Easter sunday... i wanted to feel like Spring, hence the flowery sweater... brian said i looked pretty spiffed up for staying home. just feel like i need to step it up a bit and stop sulking about like it is the end of the world. ah well, life does seem to go on, so we do need to make the most of it and try our best to live our best. right?

one of our quilt stores is going out of business and i feel so bad, but it is not economic they said, but time to retire. everyone deserves that i suppose, i just feel badly to lose another bastion of Bend. Now we just have one other store and the one in Sisters... and i only got material for xmas pillowcases, could not for the life of me decide what to get, there were still SO many choices, lots of women in there buying LOTS, but they all looked like they knew  what they were doing and had lovely choices of different materials, for huge quilts,  a couple were doing King sized ones... 

We are having a family wedding this summer and i am in the throes of getting something to wear.. had a dress all picked, then they no longer had it, waited too long making up my mind i guess, so had to start all over again, then the one i did get from Nordstroms has to have different undergarments, (black) so am trying to get those ordered... one company was out of them and would notify me when restocked, i am not patient enough for that, what if they don't come, so trying another company, but it is rather cool to be able to do this all right from my living room and order on line... if doesn't work have to go the hassle of returns, but so far, so good... have not decided about make up or not... all i have is so old, that it all needs to be discarded, but hate to get new stuff (it is SO expensive) just for one time, cuz i don't normally wear it... and maybe i won't this time either.... just some sort of cover and eyeliner, lip gloss i have .... maybe i am over thinking this whole thing.... BUT want a good presentation... may be my final one!!!

Take Care all and God Bless

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Easter yard

Tulips b4 deer get to them..


Have these little grape hyacinth all over the place.  

Mom's lenten rose... i thought by end of last summer it was not long for this world,  lots of dead leaves on it, and very little live ones, but now it is putting forth shoots and new leaves and and many blooms.  so you just never know..

another view ... with the fake mushroom in background... 

Today was a better day than yesterday,  snow all gone and was overcast most of the day, but warming up, spent some time in the yard, doing dandelion eradication...  i know they are good for the bees, can't they get food out of the bulbs flowering? i just can't stand dandelions in the yard, am constantly chopping them out. have all those casings and long catapillery thingys off those dumb trees.  track them in all over the house. but they are decomposing, suppose they are good for composting in the yard...

Made a lemon/blueberry loaf and the blueberries all fell to the bottom, even after putting flour on them b4 adding to the mix.. and what a mess.  maybe i took it out of the pan too fast b4 it had time to set, who knows??  Brian still liked it and ate half in a sitting, so there is that!

Take Care all and God Bless

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Once more...


We got another dump of snow... it was early this morning, after 4:30am when Brian left for work as no tracks from his car leaving...  my daffies are NOT happy! Tuesday i got behind a freight truck/semi that had just come over the mtns and boy what a mess it was and trailing/throwing snow all over the cars behind him as he was jetting down hwy 97... did not stay behind him for long!! but there is no snow on the road this morning, just on everything else, guess the road must be warm enough to keep it melted...



 it does make for interesting photos tho..and the pansies i got at Costco are not yet planted, sitting on my front porch and they are all droopy.. hope they perk up when it gets warmer...

tried taking all the pictures thru my windows, which are not too clean at any given time... cuz. heaven forbid i should venture out for any length of time.  I did go get the paper tho, it was a fast trip, no lingering...

here's hoping for clearer skies and warm weather at some point in time.. it is a good thing to get some more snow in the mtns due to our water situation....

Take Care All and God Bless