Thursday, September 16, 2021


New start on another afgahn...

Had issues w/ Walgreens... where i get my prescriptions.

Went by one afternoon and too many cars in line.. then went back later in evening.. about 5:23p... there was a sign that said they closed at 6.. ok i was only about 5th in line.. WELL.... i noticed the car in front of me getting waited on and they put some signage in the window, it was 5:59p and when i pulled up to be waited on... sign said due to staffing that  that they were closed and the blind was pulled down.. sat there for awhile. nothing... but i saw someone in there working... i left... really upset, as i suppose the 4 cars behind me were too.  SO this morning i got up at 7:30am went to Starbucks and got to Walgreens when they opened at 9am.. LOTS of cars in parking... doesn't look good, and low and behold there about 10 cars in line already!!! So got in line and worked my way to the front and FINALLY got my pills.  took about half an hour.... Prior to this about a week... i went for another prescription... and they had closed the drive up window at 7pm.. so went inside and was only about 5 people waiting... had been in before that and there had been about 30 in line inside, with cars wrapped around the store  

SO what the heck is going on??? not enough staff to take care of all the people?  before they were able to keep up with all these people and now they can't? or are there that many more people going in there?  Hard to know... did not feel like talking to them... and i need to get a flu shot... how am i to do that?  maybe get it somewhere else?   Doctor office?  Rite Aide? Don't know, but this is just concerning...

Take Care All and God Bless, take a breath.....

Tuesday, September 7, 2021


My sweet grand niece Rylie on her 1st day of school this year!!

Had to go to Walgrens tonight at 7pm!! went yesterday and there was not a pharmacist  on duty so they could not had out prescriptions!!! Then went today at noon and there was a line of 20 cars, went inside and there must have been 30 people on line, what in the world!!! Tonight they still were not dispensing at drive thu so i went in, thank heavens i had put my flip flops on! there were only 4 people in line, and it went fast, so went ok.  geez, what in the world?? there was ALL kinds of prescriptions in there, even laying on the floor!!! i was there at 6:45 they close at 7.. so just made it!

the smoke is still here, not quite as bad, the sun was RED, by the time i got done u could no longer see it... 

The assessment came back on the house and it's worth has quadrupled in the last 10 years!!! Can hardly believe that... what is the world coming to? What goes up must come down eventually... no, not moving, need a new roof and had to refinance... and i do keep things up, got wood floors, and a new huge shed.  but geez.. that just seems to be alot for a little 2 bdrm/2 bath with a fairly small yard.. 

Take Care and God Bless

Monday, September 6, 2021


 Apparently there are quite a few fire going all about us... By Eugene, Klamath falls,Medford  and smoke is drifting over here... Have air warning.  I even find it hard to breathe when outside and have had to use my inhaler a couple of times a day.  I do keep the house closed up in an attempt to keep it out  and a fan on to circulate the air..  There has not even been a breeze for a couple of days now.. Certainly can't see any of the mountains anywhere...

You can see how faded this picture looks, and it is just the smoke laying in the air amongst the trees and the dry, dry dirt...

We are getting LOTS of tomatoes now.. so very excited.... and have gotten at least half a dozen lemon cukes... so very good..

This is the time of year that every day you wake up and pray for rain or snow on the mtns and every day you wake up and it is the same and u wonder if the wet will ever come... i sweat this year when it does finally rain i am going to go out and just stand in it!

Take Care all and God Bless

Monday, August 23, 2021


 New sweater.. J Jill.. really do like that store.. they have clothes that fit and are for the more mature woman.. covers things that need to be covered, yet in a stylish manner :)

No internet all week end.... got it fixed today.. am so tired of calling Bend Broadband! and sure they are tired of me.. BUT this time it was their fault... i think.... had issues last week with TV.. and they had to reset the cable box.. happens about every other week, go to bed all is well, wake up and it does not work. ????? and this time, in unhooking and hooking back up somehow the site got reset to default... and password changed... have used the same password for lo all these years, 9.. i think and now they say this changed it and it is on the bottom of the box, no, not so, but was not going to argue with them, the code on the bottom of the box is the same as i have always used and if someone comes here and wants on my internet they use it to get on... well, no more, now it is new.  AND i just find this all confounding... just do it and hope it works and stays working, no need to know why... just DO IT!!! But am happy to have my wifi back and can play my little comp games and get messages from whomever... is nice outside, yet cold inside, and do not want to turn on heat, so am bundling up, then take things off if go outside... what a time... had nails done and they are Fall-ish.. i feel Fall-ish

Sundays are the worst, why is that.. nothing going on... and i have time to think about all that is gone and not coming back. things i can no longer do... my friend and i wanted to go to New York, on the train- from Iowa... wanted to do another beach trip to the gulf... and to see Napiers in Home Town in Mississippi... just have family time.... just that would have been enough.. many more dinners out... i have lived 7 more years than she did... she lost those years or more after... i just can't let it all go. just keep thinking and thinking.  BUT i DO think of all the things we DID get to do, it is not just what was lost, but what was done too. and my head hurts from all the crying, crying... just feel sad... and lonely, alone.... and, yes, i know that is not what she would have wanted... she wanted to leave memories and she certainly did, many, many.  Grief is a strange land... comes and goes in waves, more and less. And then you remember....

Take Care and God Bless

Friday, August 20, 2021


 The morning, smokey sun the other day.. when i got to Sisters, there was NO smoke.. strange how that works.. nature

these orchids are so pretty, here in the morning sun.. shinning thru

Wen to food cart Dreams.. for 'rolled' ice crean.. it was good! and cool watching him work his magic.. but it was REALLY creamy. like oil on your lips and tongue, not used to eating such cream!!! i had, banana, blueberry, coconut.. yummm

was in Bend catching up with all that i needed to do in there, Costco, dog food, deliver stampin up order, went to Hobby Lobby and they no longer (so it seems as i looked and looked) have the 12X12 plastic envelopes i use for my DSP paper.. what am i to do now, i just ask you??!!! it is soooo inconsiderate when businesses do this! WHEN I TOLD THEM THAT no i did NOT find what i was looking for, got no response, no help... geez... oh, well, maybe on line? J Jill to get a sweater i saw in the catalog... 1st thing i have bought all summer!

not much else, just samo, samo

take care all and God Bless

Tuesday, August 17, 2021


 New hair cut.... was going to let it grow out to cover my ears. Thought maybe i would wear the hearing aides i am supposed to wear if a person could NOT see them, hidden by the hair... WELL that did not work, did not wear them any more and was SO over long hair and trying to make it look nice.  AND.... i have mostly always had short hair, guess i am just lazy, but there you are.

Went to lunch with my niece and her God-mother last Friday and she kept looking at me... weird, but then when it was time to go and i went over and gave her a good hug, she said i looked just like my mom.. and i do! it is a strange thing... have people come up to me off and on here in Redmond, saying you look like someone i know.... they are just not sure who and when we get to talking it is mom they are thinking of.. she was involved with the Grange and the Senior Center and the Episcopal church, with doctors and store keepers, just out and about through all the years, so many crossed her path.... miss her so..... and it never really lessens, still think of things that i would call mom about, throughout the day, always with a pang that i realize i can't.... and she has been gone since 2006!

Take Care all and God Bless

Tuesday, August 10, 2021


 Yep, this shows total relaxation, BUT also why i sleep on edge of the bed, as she is in the MIDDLE of the bed!!!  She always has to be touching me... which is good in the dead of Winter as she is a little heater, but no so much when it is 95 in the bedroom!

Token flower.... against the pick-up, this also shows how long it has been since i drove said pick-up!

Garden is doing well.. tomatoes all over the place and cukes are vining to china.  We do have some tomatoes on those vines, but the cukes just have blooms,, don't know what is up with that..

These are some of the many mushrooms i have grown... why??? really wet, too wet? and there are many different kinds too, and this is the 1st year for these, weird.. one got REALLY big, they like grown overnight!!

Take Care All and God Bless