Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Washington trip

 Saturday the 18th i drove to Goldendale to meet Sade.  She is the cutest, tiny thing.. at 1st she wasn't having it, being picked up by someone she did not know, but settled down pretty quick and i had to have Bailey, the mom, on my lap too.  she has been very protective of Sade.. when i put her in the puppy pen and left, mom was all over her, smelling and licking... it was cute..  the other puppy slept the whole time and did not fret that Sade was not with her...

The males smelled then left and laid down... not interested

It was a really beautiful day, lots of flowers and fairly warm, the next day it turned cold with wind..

Then i drove to Walla Walla, Washington to visit a friend.. He works in Veterans Outreach and does lots of volunteer work. We had dinner and lots of conversation and reminiscing about our common friend, Carol, who passed away in 2020.. is that right? has it been 4 years?

Let me tell you i had to hotel room from hell super 8 in Walla Walla... the bed was firm, the pillows were hard. a sheet and thin blanket.  and the shower did not work!!!  the bedside light would not turn off, took me until 11:30p to figure out i could just unplug the light. then it was cold. it was stuffy when i went in so turned on the air, then when i came back from dinner turned on the air.. then got too cold and took me until 5:30a to realize i could turn on the heat!!! really.. then i blame that on Carol, as she would have the air on until it was a meat locker in there, when i would complain, bitterly, she would throw me a sweater or a blanket, but under NO circumstances was i to TOUCH that thermostat...  once i turned on the heat, i slept soundly until 6:30a and became aware of the water situation... i just sponged and left.. left a note that there was NO water in shower. AND i have to get over my prior training. hahaha

But had a lovely drive home, went right through the middle of the state... to Pendleton, Pilot Rock, Long Creek, Kimberly, Spray, Mitchell, Prineville and home.. 5 1/2 hours... there were enough parks open with vault toilets that it all worked out :)  the way followed the North Fork of the John Day River

The area in Washington by Walla Walla is the beginning of the Palouse area, lots of wheat grown and the hills just roll and roll on.. and it really is beautiful in its way.

 Yesterday i went to the cemeteries in Redmond and Madras to clear around the headstones

 Take Care all and God Bless

Thursday, May 16, 2024


 here Sade is at 5 weeks.  am going to see her saturday and am very excited but also a bit apprehensive.  have already committed to her and what if she does not bond with me? (she is the little one) 1st time i picked up Finn, he just cuddled right into my arms and i was his from the beginning... and am hoping that happens again..  she is over a pound now.. 5-2-24 she weighed 17.6.. was the latest update.. she's going to miss her sister..

we have had some great weather here.. been doing lots of yard work.. borders and watering.. reading.. found a Nicholas Sparks i have never read True Believer.  and also reading Jen Psaki book Say More  which is about communication really... but still interesting.

This is my mom and I in 1948, i would imagine i was getting on towards a year old.. and that was probably my grandpas car.  I remember Dad saying that they could not buy cars right after they got back home as there was no inventory because only tanks and jeeps were being made. so they had to use grandpas car for their honeymoon in  June 1946.. but maybe by the time of this picture he had gotten a used car somewhere.. He worked for the paper mill in Oregon City as his first job after the army.. i remember going by there for years after and it smelled so bad!!! when i was 3 they had moved to Garibaldi and he was driving log truck for the mill there.  There is no longer a mill there, but if you ever have been to or by Garibaldi there is a huge, tall smokestack that they left as a memorial to the mill, right as you are going into the town from the south.. on that big bend before getting into the town on the east side.. there is just a big bare area and marsh where the Nestucca pours into the Tillamook Bay..

76 out right now, it is just so nice out!!! and i have not had to have my heated blanket on at night either! Just got something on instagram, you know the useless things u send to your friends... "I hope the rest of your day is as pleasant as you are"  hahaha... knock on wood i have not run into crabby people lately, maybe as i am not in a hurry and am patiently going about my business and have not gone crossways of anyone...or not trying to get something out of anyone..

Neighbors lovely tree... have even walked around the block a couple times this week.  would not want to overdue you know...Hahahaha

Take Care All and God Bless

Tuesday, April 30, 2024


 the Duckers were here yesterday!!! Always so great when thy show..  couple days ago i saw  a couple of other ducks and one had 4 babies, they were so very darn cute. little puff balls.. I just hope it was not our Duckers, as now there are no longer babies to be seen and we all know what that means.... nature is so darn hard. only got to 51 today and we had grapple.. yesterday it tried to snow off and on in Bend and they have 8 inches new snow on the passes. i mean, really??? Tomorrow is May 1st for heavens sake...

Things are all breaking out and blooming and trees are all different colors of green.. I did buy some pansies and set them out  couple weeks ago and they are still doing well. 

Have to make a costo run... new month and need vitamins and what not.. 

Can't remember what this is, quince? but it is doing really well this year/Spring, i trimmed it back lots last Fall as i was mad that it was taking over the sidewalk... so anger worked on this one.. haha

Stampin Up new catalog goes on line tomorrow and there is all sorts of tempting things!!! At some point i am going to have to STOP. surely i have enough to make the few cards i still can make to send to the few people that i know that are still alive. sad but agonizingly true.. but some of the papers and stamps/dies are so darn cute/pretty

Take Care and God Bless all

Tuesday, April 23, 2024


 How in the world does one get to be so old?  Only 3 years to 80... i just can't even go there, that seems so very impossible.. My lovely niece booked a sitting for me to get some tattoos that i have been wanting, so off to eugene, oregon we went!  It was a bright sunny day and it was like that ALL week-end.  she booked an abnb and it was a really great house, with stellar beds. i could have slept in it forever!! Had a great lunch at Morning Glory Cafe.. and wonderful dinner at The Gordon.. i had an ice berg lettuce wedge and gin n juice which was lovely.  BUT i was having one of my days where i just could not eat anything,  have those now and again, like everything just will not go down, then when it does it sits there and makes me uncomfortable.. which was sad as i could not do credit to the meal...

I had a little tiny heart with a paw print on my left index finger. and a single line drawing by Picasso of a dachsund on the inner right wrist and 5 bird silhouttes  above mom's initials on my right inner ankle... i had some numbing cream for the finger and it really worked.. was really worried that i would make a fool of myself and it would be horrid painful, BUT i survived and all is well.  almost all healed by now.  

Sunday we went to the Eugene Saturday market, which was fun.. very aromatic (if u know what i mean)  lots of tie-dye  and cross dressing.. i can't tell, really most all of the time... but it was very interesting to sit and watch the crowd passing by.  i had bites off other peoples mac n cheese, pizza.. and had Dairy Queen cheese curds, which are really good...!!!  we left about 3pm and home by 6p so not too bad. and the drive was lovely

We stopped here and took pictures.. always driving by this and never stopped!! so this time we did and got some good pics!

also stopped at Sahalie Falls to pee.. the vault toilet was awful!!! and i have never seen so much water going over in all the times i have stopped here.  There is also a GREAT walk around the back of these falls to the other side then down past another falls Kooshah or something like that and back up to these (right Patty? we did this one year when you came to visit)

So it was quite the fun filled week end and i am on to another year...( i do NOT want to complain as so many others do not get these years and i am not complaining, it just seems odd to me to be this old.. i think of my self as much, much younger with flowing brown hair and able to jump up and take off with ease, and then get a shock when i actually do get up to move and creak and groan... am lucky tho as do not have any great illness to have to deal with and thank my lucky stars and God for that)

Take care all and God Bless

p.s.  this is little Sade, now 8.7 oz!

Saturday, April 13, 2024


 I am so very pleased with how my daffodils are doing,, have a line of them in the front by sidewalk and every year they fill in more and more.. this is a good year!

It is so gloomy outside.. wish it would just rain for pete's sake!!  we get sprinkles and that is about it.. Have been watching Shogun on Hulu. i quite like it.. Japanese is an Interesting culture.. Of course it is a movie, but still some of it must be based somewhat on fact..

But it has all the intrigue like all history and maneuvering for control, which is a story in itself, but not so interesting to watch sometimes and my mind just does  not grasp what a major point may be and mean for an outcome... just can't think that i way i guess, have the same thing with mystery stories or crime.. can never figure how they get to the conclusion they did, unless it is really spelled out for me... 

So i re- read the Shell Seekers and it was as good as i remember from the first time, back in the 80's, now on to a Lisa Jackson mystery Tell Me.... Going to make some choco chip cookies and continue on with Shogun.. ( as an aside, i just got Hulu, dropped some others i had, there seems to be alot on here that i want to see.  Watched They Were The Lucky Ones up until the episodes continue weekly.. that is one depressing show, about Jews in WWII and we all know that story....

Still using my electric blanket at night.. it is still COLD here at nite

Take Care All and God Bless

Tuesday, April 9, 2024


 Oh my gosh, my blog was gone for awhile there!!! Trying to figure out why when i comment on someone else's blog, i am anonymous!!!  Why? and then trying to get my picture in that comment box and just. can. not. figure it out and in the process disabled the whole blog!!! Geez... getting caught in that vortex makes my stomach hurt and all queezy... what the heck anyway ?.. but... hopefully i am back...

and then Brian wanted to know if in spam there was some comment on some of the cards he had ordered on ebay (baseball/football) i don't like doing things with ebay.. and won't use that paypal at all as everytime i get hacked... and got some things there all messed up, it is better that i just. do. not look at anything in that spam folder at all, there are the weirdst things that appear, trying to get u to respond so they do bad things to your account.. so just deleted everything there.  it deletes itself after a period of time anyway and better to just not know what is going on o trying to be going on..

so, will try the blog one more time and see that things are still as should be....

and heres a little Spring from my yard... Take Care and God Bless

Sunday, April 7, 2024


We had snow again!! did not last the day, but geez, it was cold to wake up to. Robin said it was horrid driving to work at 3am, blowing and foggy, could not see the road. and when i went to Bend later in the day the roads were bare but it was still snowing heavily in Bend..this was Thursday if i remember right..

the puppies were born Saturday and she only had TWO and both female, so i will be getting a female and she will be Sade..   Will be able to get her June 8th..  2 whole months...

Yesterday i cleaned house, and dusted, cleaned bathroom, did 3 loads laundry, two of rugs.. hung 2 pictures that have been laying about for months and months. Cut the backing off of some estate sale sparkly jewelry that i have a project in mind for.. finished a baby afghan, don't know of any babies, but i am ready should there be any :)  changed sheets on bed, washed those. Just been a busy little bee.. I did go to Costco and they had their flats of pansies, so got one of those and have been nursing them as it is too cold to put them out i think.  but have learned when they have them you need to get them as next time they may not still have any.. and you will have missed out.  and they are nice big, blooming ones.. so just have to wait for some warm weather, and it is supposed to be 60 tomorrow, soooo

I ordered Hulu and AMC plus because i wanted to watch TWD and finally got to see the final season, the Daryl in France and Maggie and Negan in NYC.  so my nites have been full, hahahaha  got rid of Paramont +

Well that is about it... Got a ham for Easter, and have had 3 full meals off of it and dinner for me in the form of a soup mad with the bone and meat off of the bone.  Scalloped potatoes and the soup for the 3 meals after the dinner of ham and potato salad on Easter.  and it only cost $3.44,  really marked down from $21 on day b4 Easter,  was amazing, feel like i got my moneys worth out of that!!!

Take Care All and God Bless