Monday, July 27, 2009

My First post...What will this be like? I just bought an RV and will be traveling a bit, But not starting really until next year. But I do some moving about and visiting here and there and want to be able to share with friends and family.

That is how this is starting and maybe that is how it will end.

This is Luci, my pups. She is a lovey and my constant companion. And will be a big part of my life and writings.

We just got back from a trip to McMinnville and Lincoln City, the beach, love the beach. Did not find any shells, but did find some agates, which are just about as good. Luci did not like the soft sand as it came up to her tummy when she stepped out onto it. Not a good thing. She put on her brakes and would not go, it took a little bit of time to move forward.

My Niece Jeri May and I stayed with our friend and (sister of the heart) Janmarie and her bitsy dog, Stella...a new addition that is FINALLY getting along with everyone.

She weighs all of 2# and barks from her very guts!!!

We just shopped and ate our way thru Lincoln City and McMinnville.

McMennimums is a favorite in Mac and this time we got to eat on the very tip top terrace and had a great view and wonderful hamburgers. Then went to the Evergreen Air Museum and saw the Spruce Goose. We can say we have been there. It was very expensive and way beyond hot!!! the temp must have been close to 100 I am sure!

My other sister and room mate (her house) DeeDee was not able to come, as she has to work, don't you know. Well Janmaries does too, but she took some time off, she is a defense attorney and can schedule :). Deedee works at the hospital in Bend and does not have that flexibility, BUT she went to the beach with me in April

Here she is with her pups, Pepper. He was a rescue dog from a hoarder in Eastern Oregon, and she has worked with him so much, he finally accepts pettings and some love. But is still very timid, she has had him for about 4 years now and is a sweet soul.

So that is my start

I am on my way to Iowa to visit another friend about mid August and when i get back in or around October, I will be going to California to pick up and learn to drive the RV and start on many more adventures.

Take Care & God Bless...

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