Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Day at the Iowa State Fair

We had a good day at the Iowa State Fair!!!
this is without a doubt the biggest Fair I have ever been too. and there were so many food places, everywhere, that was the main thing and you could get anything on a stick!!!
weather was really good, high 70's some rain, not bad humidity and we saw everything!!! parked at a park & ride and bussed to the Fair, so it was easy getting there and back, sort of lost the way back to motel, BUT we eventually found it. Last nite was a HUGE thunder & lightning show and pouring rain, but we lived thru it!!
the 4Hers at the fair did a great job and saw all kinds of animals and crafts, Got a basket and a Fair item called a miracle back support for in chairs/cars :), no one was there to stop me. Carol thought it was a good idea too!!!
this is a pork chop on a stick!!!! and there is nothing like the pork in Iowa, it melts in your mouth and is sooooo flavorful!!! We were happy!
hope you all had a good day!!!! even if you did not get to go to the Fair!

Take Care & God Bless.

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