Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Finally got a picture of the sunflowers that have been with me the whole trip, but there is such a proliferation of them in Nebraska, it must be the state flower. This has been a wonderful day, i love the all the different rock formations and the mountains, but it is also the longest part of the trip! Got to North Platte, NE. Have another 7-8 hours until i get to Des Moines and meet up with Carol H. But i can sleep in until 6am tomorrow morning! HA.. Paid the most for gas today $2.799 tonight in North Platte, but did not look for another station as was ready to stop, only $2.359 in Laramie, WY!!!! stopped to see the lone tree near Laramie, it is right smack in the middle of the freeway, they built around it, has been there forever and was even mentioned in pioneer dairies. Was on the North edge of the Snowy Mtns, would love someday to take that scenic loop, bet it is really beautiful!!! They are having thunderstorm warnings here, it is scrolling across the TV. Have been running ahead of them building all day.
Hope all is well with you. Have been listening to Dr Laure on XM radio all day and she wishes people to be Happy, well and wise, what more could you wish someone?
Take Care and God Bless

i did fix my butt problem by raising the seat 2 notches and tilting it back a notch, worked really well, and was able to walk at the end of the day and had no excruciating pain :)

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