Monday, August 3, 2009

A flower to start your day.
We have been having some pretty horrific thunderstorms, lightning/thunder, pouring rain for 10 minutes. Last night was the topper, don't know how tonight could be much worse, but weatherman says more is coming. Did the Madras run today to see my Aunt Thelma in assisted living there. Could not connect with my brother or his wife tho, guess he was at work and she was off being busy.
Got dates finalized for Iowa, leaving on the 17th , at the Iowa State Fair on the 20th, then on to Davenport the 21st. It was good talking to my friend Carol H.
Hope you all stay dry and well. Take Care & God Bless


  1. can't wait....'pork on a stick'...!!!

  2. Well, I kept Googling LuciandLoree and finally found your blog!! I'll keep track of you this way and see all the fun things you get to do.