Saturday, August 29, 2009

driving error, or error in judgement :)

OK, have to tell you, as Carol is having a 'fit' that i will not disclose my wrongness in this forum. we left today to go to a fabric store 'the harvest moon"where i was SURE was more near Muscatine, (we drove by and stopped on the way back from Nauvoo, when we went there the other day and both saw a small quilted star that we decided we both had to have)and she drove and drove and ran out of the green grass median, and on the map it shows not resuming further on and she drove people, for 91 miles! and sure enough it was almost to Fort Madison, while i was SURE that it was only a little way from muscatine and then in the opposite direction from where she was headed. I gave a lot of guff about how hard it would be to swallow the 'bitter pill' of being wrong, which we laughed about until we peed our pants, BUT i admit, i was the one that had to take the pill and not her!!
AND after all this angst the place was closed!!!! Yes, on a saturday, it was!!!!!
when we finished this adventure, turned around and went to Muscatine and the Cotton shop, which is a nice store, lots of dark colors of fabric tho, and then they did not have of the kits that they professed to have, every time to go ask for something that you see made up, oh, they don't have that, so that was rather annoying, but we still managed to find a couple of projects to get . Another good day.... :)

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