Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Perseverance" is the word for the day, imagine what this little tree had to go thru for a life!!!

What i learned today:
(1) that no matter what, even for just a tiny little bit, you cannot leave an open water bottle sitting on the seat of the car without terrible circumstances.
(2) 'watch where you walk', as dogs will poop anywhere, even in the parking lot!...
(3) it does rain in Nebraska
(4) the alarm that is on your phone does not always work :) you should go with a back-up plan

i did get a late start, but who knows what time it really is? pacific, mtn, central???? i have not a clue..the car, phone, computer are all different! but i am here in Des Moines, it just got done raining here too! still lots of road construction, i KNOW they would not want to work on the roads in the winter months :(....still...
crossed the Platte river and the Missouri, both very muddy looking. lots of policemen out, but i was VERY good in following the rules and obeying the speed limit...
Hope you all have a great day i am taking a nap and going to the State Fair tomorrow. I KNOW Pat Boone will be there, was this not where his movie was filmed, the one where he was at the state fair and was in a horse race with a little buggy on the back, harness racing???? or was it Kentucky?
that probably dates me!!!

Have a great day, Take Care and God Bless


  1. Hi Luci and Loree! I found you! How fun that I can "follow" you anywhere! Be safe! Hugs