Friday, September 4, 2009

Butter Burgers

Just your normal regular vacation like things going on. Helping with babysitting. Carol's, with whom i am staying, relationship with her landlord has deteriorated and she has to move, so she is looking for places and i will be helping her pack. She has to be out by the 4th of Oct!!!! BUT we are still going to Chicago and the Ozarks the end of next week, have our priorities all set, don't you think? Her landlord is definitely NOT like the usual, friendly mid-western people i have met on prior trips here, that is for sure!!!!! Drove to Iowa City today to get cheap, recycled boxes. All the college students were scurrying about. The skies were fair and the butter burgers at Culver's were great!!!! BUT we saw one man walking out who had one of those big butter burger beer bellies and decided we better not go there quite so often!!!!!! But OMG were they good!

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  1. ....and how many times can you say - big butter burger beer bellies..... : ) of course we have our priorities correct-we are women-we can roar!!