Monday, September 14, 2009


I do just love to see things that are odd in America, that people put out. this i am sure is a cicada, those 'bugs' that chirp in the day and evening all over the mid-west and it was BIG like up to my waist, someone put in alot of time and effort to make this, then display it!!! and i appreciated it!!! don't know what the thing is supposed to be to the left of it tho, maybe a part of the shell? don't know.
we are spending the night in Jefferson City, MO, the capital of Missouri, and tomorrow heading for the OZARKS, south of here, the riverways trail and Mark Twain NF, there is a mtn there 1236 ft high!!! we shall see :) We were in Louisiana, Mo and Mexico, Mo and tomorrow will go to Cuba, we are really getting around, don't know the penchant for naming towns after other places...

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