Saturday, September 12, 2009

Here we are in Chicago.. rode the blue line into downtown, had lunch at Bubba Gumps, really good shrimp. Took a trolley ride around downtown, 2 1/2 hours on the upper outdoor deck, it was such a nice day, but had gotten a 'little' overheated while going up and down the stairs of the el, back and forth. took a taxi to the 'Willis Tower' formerly the Sears Tower to go out onto the
SkyDeck, and yes, i did, walk out onto it and looked down 103 stories past my tennis shoes thru the glass, it was really rather terrifying, but got a pic of our feet and the street below!!! then had a deep dish pizza at a little place neat the tower, it was good, but rather 'doughy', another taxi back to the blue line, by this time it was getting late and we wanted to be home and were all fairly exhausted, back in our room by O'Hara airport by 10pm, cold showers for all and i think we are revived.. Tomorrow to the Renegade Fair, artist thingy, that will be fun to see then on the road thru Illinois to the Ozarks...
It was interesting seeing all the people, talked to some on the el ride and the cab drivers talked to Carol as we made her sit up front with them :) and everyone seemed pleasant, and did not feel threatened at all. but it is a REALLY big city and goes on forever and i think you would never tire of things to do here.
You all sleep well and have a good Sunday!!!

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