Sunday, September 20, 2009

Look what i did today!! made some pillow covers out of Amy Butler fabric for the RV. the couch has no arms on it, it folds down for a bed, and there is just the back of the dinette and a wall to lean against, and it needed some arms and softness, on the left is the front and on the right is the back, thought they turned out fairly well. and they are colorful!!!.. Yesterday i made a little quilt top. but is a xmas gift and can't share that at this time :) so i am getting something done. wow!!! and we are going to start packing here any day now, movers coming next Monday, NOT tomorrow, but the next week.... had a little rain today and the weather has turned chilly, have my long jeans on, shorts and cropped pants are not working
Hope all is well .. take care and God Bless


  1. I love the pillow covers!! I'm a fan of Amy Butler fabrics too. I didn't know you are a quilter. How do you make a quilt top in a day - what am I doing wrong????

  2. Oops, my profile name should just be Teresa (Lokken) instead of Aunt Teresa!!!