Sunday, September 13, 2009

So, thought i would show you more of Chicago!!! tall, tall buildings and then us on the SkyDeck of the Willis Tower at 103rd floor!!!! Definately a high point of this trip, you can see the streets thru our feet below us..
Today we went to the Renegade Fair which i did not really 'get' lots of alternative things and for younger kids, i did buy a couple things, but sort of had to stretch it to figure what would be a good thing to get, and you really need to LOVE something to want to get it, don't you? BUT that did not stop me, these are unique items and not something you can get everywhere, so that is ok, but lots of the stuff was too unique for me, and then it was a hot day again and i sweat and sweat, flowing into my eyes eve, got to meet a friend of Darah's tho and see here cut tiny apartment and use her bathroom, of thank heavens as there was nothng at the fair to use, except places set in the sun, that smelled vaguely of seage, oooohhhh, could not even bear to go near them, and the friend lived just right there by the fair, only a block away, so that was more than convenient and downright friendly of her to let us use the her convenience, thank you so!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tonight we are in Bloomington, Illinois, on the way to Columbia, Missouri. and the Ozarks, it is exciting to be on the road again and am in a wonderful Hampton Inn, LOVE their beds and down comforters.
Hope you all stay well and Happy!!!

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