Friday, September 25, 2009

This morning i took a Copics technique class, learning how to use these pens to color stamped images for my cards :) seemingly, it should be easy, and come to find out it was pretty much BUT we did not know how to do the different shadings and whatnot, now i do and hopefully will be able to make some lovely cards!!!! last year i had spent a small fortune on some of the pens and was not satisfied with the results, well, 1st i was not using the right weight paper, needs to be 110# and the wrong ink and embossing power. on the wrong paper they bleed thru and the wrong ink will bleed too! who would have thunk it??? they make all of these things to go together, so you have to keep buying more stuff, more 'n more stuff. well now i am all situated, HA!
woke to pouring rain today and now the sun has come thru and it is quite pleasant out. We are having a girls night out dinner tonight after the rest of the day was spent packing and arranging things in the house. Going with Carol and her daughter's mother-in-law, Patti, who i really enjoy. So we should have a pleasant evening.
You all Take Care and God Bless

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