Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Top is the neighbors to the left when you are looking at the house, HA! then her house, is it not cute???? and bottom is the little road/drive back into her house plus two others, it is like the alley. We are excited about getting her in there and planning where to put things and what to store down in the basement and up in the attic.
Today was a day of chores, go get more boxes, Walgrens for more meds, post office, out to dinner with "the family" at Dave's Famous BBQ, got like 10 # of tri tips, bbq'd for $10, we are going to be eating them forever, do they really think people will eat that much in ONE sitting???
Also want to make a comment on Guthries' outfit yesterday, the pink top was part of a sweater dress that she picked out for her 1st day of school, she wore the whole thing to bed and then was quite upset that she could not wear it the next day to school, again, she very sadly told me that we had to wash..... such sad things that little girls have to learn :)
Y'll take care.
My Aunt said they had some rain in San Antonio, Yea for them!!!!

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