Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Well, look what happened to my windshield today!!! Near Elderberry, MO hwy 61, it was a dump truck!!!! going about 100 miles an hour, there one minute, delivered the rock, then gone. and the crack is huge!!!! near the bottom right smack in the middle. but what can a person do? Guess i will be getting a new windshield as soon as i get home.
We are in Hannibel, MO, going to look at it tomorrow spend all the time we need, learn all about Mark Twain, then head on to home.
the Ozarks went on forever and were not exactly as i had envisioned, but it was neat to see what we did, there were lots of neat little towns, today Herman near the Missouri River was neat, german, has an October Fest and would be neat to go there for that, lots of Bed & Breakfasts.
Hope you all had a better day than i did :)
Take Care and God Bless
(at least the rock did not hit me in the head!)

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