Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Went to a grist Mill near muscatine, it was so cool! It was an original mill, restored, NOT recreated and it was truly beautiful, a work of art of the farmers and artisans in the early 1800's and it could still operate, they had it running the day i was there. it was very interesting to see and there were men there that were part of the restoration and upkeep and were more than willing to talk about it and the way it worked, got some great pics of it!!!
Also went to two parks along the Mississippi to look at rv parks for next year and they just had electricity, so would have to keep moving to get water and dump, so they would not work, but it would be sort of neat to be right beside the river. But later in the day went to Interstate RV which is by exit 292 and the Flying J Truck Stop and was up on the plain above Davenport, only 5 miles to Carol's house and it is perfect, not down in a shady hole like the one on rt 61 was (it was also old and sort of run-down, they did not even have cards and phone number for people!) and this one had everything and they were sooo nicee and welcoming, and did not care at all about Luci, said, "Well, yes, you can have a dog, you can't leave your baby home!" so that pretty much sold me, and drying your clothes is free and they have showers and laundry open 24 hours a day, sometimes i like doing my clothes when i can't sleep! and a pool and hot tub!!!
Yesterday we went for a walk with Guthrie and "amy" (her doll) it was so cute, she is so sweet with her baby and tender and takes care of her, we had a good walk, i took pics!!!

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