Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!! this ghost & pumpkin thingy was at a friend's house, isn't it the cutest??? and got a good pic of the new snow on Three Sisters. AND brother Jerry and his wife Rita got TWO new puppies, Keeper and Dixie, two little girl cousins for Luci. She was NOT too thrilled and drooled the whole time :) she is so funny when she does that under stress, just ropes of it!!! We had a nice day with the Domino Ladies, had lunch at Boston's then to JoAn's house for a game of dominos. Got to see her darling grand-daughter in her horsey costume for Halloween, she made out big time with all the Ladies there!!!
Well hope you all have a good evening with the ghouls and goblins.
Take Care and God Bless

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