Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I forgot, my ending mileage was 54280, so i put on 5818 miles, that must be a new record for me!! But we did use my car alot for moving things and our trip which was quite a ways really, to Chicago and then down to south-eastern Missouri in the Ozarks. and back up to Davenport. I am still recovering from the push home and fighting that wind all the way!
Got up at 3:30a this morning to get Aunt Jo to the airport, why do flights have to be soooo early in the morning? but at least her trip/vacation got started early and she was down in Southern Cal at a decent hour.
Our snow did set a 100 year record, WOW!!! is all i have to say, it was gone by the next day and now it is sunny, yet crisp, mostly all days. I have to get in the yard and do clean-up work, so it will be nice to have sun.
I have a 'follower' !!!!!!!!! Welcome Julie!!!, Can't believe someone would pick me up and then actually spend time to put down that she was following, what a nice thing, i am so honored. Am i interesting enough? My Aunt Ruth in Texas thinks so (but then you know, family), and visits me every morning, it makes me really think of things that might be good/interesting to put here. Hi!!! I love you!!!
You all take care and God Bless
Have a good Fall

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