Friday, November 20, 2009

Hi All, here is my brother Jerry with his two new puppies, Dixie on the left and Keeper on the right. They are getting much bigger!!! and sooo playful. Also a pic of his chicken coop that he built. It is really cool! he just painted the whole thing green, has little boxes inside to roost in and branch to perch on, for them. the chickens will be happy
And my motorhome in it's "winter place" after we got it winterized. he is still going to build a place for it to be under a roof.
Then there is Mt Jefferson with it's new coat of snow. looks cold up there does it not???!!!
Mt Bachelor opened today, has about 3 ft of snow i think... and we had WIND today, only for a short time tho, but thought it was going to go on forever, it was so wild.

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