Friday, November 13, 2009

Back Home!!!

I love flowers and this was from last xmas! Just wanted a pic rather than just blathering on. I am back home, thank heavens, now i can get something done in prep for the holidays. after awhile, yes, a person does get tired of just sitting. Was cathching up on the many blogs i follow and there was this new site "Junk Camp" that was just wonderful!!! AND she had these different road trips they had taken to areas of the mid-west antiquing, which is a fun thing to do and both Carol H and Dede love to do this with me!!! So it was fun reading about someone else and their trips and what they saw. It was Great!!! Got to catch up with Daisy Cottage and the Pink House, Red Geranium, Blackberry Creek Home Arts. She is wonderful, recently lost her dear husband, which continues to be really sad, but she seems to be doing ok....
It is bitter cold out, but we have NO snow here and that is a good thing, while it was coming down in Sunriver area, had to top Lava Butte grade and come down this side b4 i ran out of it, so was good to be home.
Well, i am going to go clean the bathroom :) i have SUCH an exciting life!
Take Care and God Bless

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