Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Things to be Thankful for!!!!

We were busily going about our chores and things to do b4 the Holiday and took friend downtown to get electrolysis , was waiting for her in the car, she got done and guess, the car would not start!!! We were in an easily accessible spot, thank heavens and got a jump from one of her friends, a lady in a pick-up had the cables and a man walking by with a latte helping with the positioning. We went right to Les Schwab and got a new battery!!! my car is only 3 years old and did not think that was long enough to worry about something like that but have 57,000 miles on it and i guess that is what counts. It forced us to slow down and talk a bit waiting for someone to show up to help tho!!! I was just thankful that someone was with me and i was not in the middle of Wyoming on the way to Iowa all by myself by the side of the road!!!!!
Niece JeriMay showed up, going to spend the night with us, so gotta go be an Aunt!!!

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