Friday, November 6, 2009

What is Up?

I am housesitting about 25 miles south of Bend in the Sunriver area, a golden retriever and a persian kitty. It is a very nice place, but rather isolated, the gentleman went elk hunting in Eastern Oregon with his son. Male bonding type thing. So here i am. Plan to work on some wool embroidery things, IF or When i get it done will send a pic to you. It is one of those penny things that is a dresser scarf. don't know how else to explain, but got it at one of my favorite stores that we found early in the Iowa trip. Just hope it does not snow up here, about 1000 ft higher than in Bend, and i would have to shovel snow, NOT my favorite thing to do. Also not on my computer so i can't send any pictures, not that there is anything that i have taken a picture of lately, BUT could send more of the motorhome :) It is at Jerry and Rita's house, waiting to be safely tucked in for the winter months, only 4 more months, then can get to the beach, the passes should be open, supposed to be snowing several feet up there this weekend. that limits the ability to get anywhere, as everywhere you want to go, to get out of Central Oregon you have to go over some sort of pass. But i can plan. I have joined RVW (rv'g women) and Good Sam, so expect to get magazines and wonderful things in the mail. and i ordered the Trailer/rv campground directory for the US and Canada, that should keep be busy, should get it about xmas time.
Hope you are all well
Take Care and God Bless

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