Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Beach Finds

Look!!!! What i found at the beach!!! Love to beachcomb! Found some sea glass, and lots of agates and the china hat shells. A Rock!!! that has a hole in it that a tealight would fit into! Such treasures! I could walk for hours and look and look. Lots of bending over.. :) Can't wait to get the RV moving and go to different places, different beaches and see what i can find. Have only been on the Pacific side, what does the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic have to offer? Have heard that the Atlantic has lots more sea glass and different colores other than green.
Had a very productive day yesterday, just putzed around, really, but got all my packing undone and put away, suitcases stored, Gifts wrapped/labeled, cleaned the kitchen/bathroom. Put away the wrapping things, rather than just leave them out, THAT is a step in the right direction. Went to Barnes and Noble, got "the Pioneer woman cooks" i love her website and am glad to have her recipes close at hand and the book is beautiful, had one of those 15% off coupons with my B&N discount was not too bad. Have not been on the Kindle alot lately, just seems easier to read books I have already and need to have them sitting around waiting for me, not the same as having them waiting in a que (how do you spell that word anyway?) altho when i am on it, i love it!
Finished my book, "New Moon" this morning, i am liking the vampire/Twilight books, which i find unusual as i could not get into Anne Rice at all. But now am looking forward to some light xmas reading. Like to read xmas stories this time of year. Should figure out how to put a thing up on the site so you all would know what i have read...would be interesting to see in for me too!
Well it is almost 1PM let's see what i can get done today, starting late aren't I?
Take care you all.................

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