Saturday, December 26, 2009

A good time was had by all. We had a wonderful Christmas, Sister-in-law Rita made a Prime Rib, it was yummy, melt in your mouth. We (Brian, Jerry and me) decorated the Christmas tree. Brian and I slept in the motor home, had to have a kerosine heater tho as could not figure out the furnace/propane. Kept a window cracked and some air vents as afraid of some sort of poisoning :). Xmas day woke to frozen fog, so it was a white xmas, altho maybe not technically. Still have the frozen fog and i LOVE it, makes everything sort of special with a layer on it. and the juniper trees just POP in a picture. and no i just got up so have not gotten any pics yet!
Leaving tomorrow for McMinnville as my friend Janmarie had her knee surgery and i am called upon to help her schlep herself around.
Everyone have a great New Year's Eve!

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