Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Beach!!!

Hi!!! Everyone. Well, my friend was unable to have her knee replacement surgery as she had a minor infection, so we went to the beach instead!!! Lucky me!!! only about 42 miles from McMinnville to Lincoln city. we stayed at SurfTides and had a wonderful room, was a BIT cold when we got there and the heater was this small 12X5 inch wall thing, so the office gave us another as we whined pathetically. Then we just spent the time sleeping, reading, I walked the dogs on the beach, and let me say that the water would come up on the shore then FREEZE, I had never seen that before, it was really weird. 3rd day i found lots of agates, and found shells everyday, so i was pretty stoked about that, LOVE to find STUFF!!!! The small Stella was leary at 1st of going out with me and Luci, but then caught on and i think she really enjoyed it!!! Did her duty as expected, each and every time. There were also squid washed up, people i met on the walks said it had been on the news, they got in too close and the cold got them. THEN on the last day there were seals right out our unit, they were riding the waves and barking, it was neat to see. and there were about a dozen or more of them!!! We shopped at the Tangier Outlet Mall, and rode to see other parts of Lincoln City and ate at wonderful places, Pier 101 for seafood was excellent and we got a seat by the fire!!!
Have pics but did not bring my download equipment for this computer and they will have to wait. Getting close to Christmas guys, hope you are all well and prepared!!!
Take Care and God Bless
P.S. Waiting until Monday to see if she is rescheduled for the surgery on the 17th or 22nd, 17th i would stay for a couple days, but if the 22nd have to head home, so that i can get xmas together for all the family :)

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