Sunday, December 20, 2009


Had dinner for friends tonight, it all came together good. The warm artichoke dip from "The Pioneer Woman Cooks" is to die for.. really, really.
Got clothes washed, sheets too!! Bed made and even shampooed Luci, she is pretty good, but it is not her favorite thing as she hates water. BUT we sit for 1/2 hour with a towel all wrapped around her and cuddle and she LOVES that!!! so i have a clean, clean bed all ready for me.
dishes all done, and i am all ensconced in my chair ready for Survivor, watched it all season and just loath Russell, but you kind of have to admire a class manipulator, how does he DO that?? i have not a clue, my mind does not work that way..
oh, one more thing, do you know that a can (14 oz) of artichoke hearts cost $3.19 and you need two cans!!! for the dip!!!! geez,
picture above is on Santiam Pass last week
take care all, have a good week and Blessed Christmas!

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