Thursday, December 31, 2009

Well, I got over the "mountain" ok and then the next day it SNOWED here, it was really beautiful and we did not have to go anywhere, so it was ok, we got about 4-6 inches of heavy, wet, glopy snow! the dogs would not go out. and I-5 was a parking lot, people just left their cars (news said there was like 200 cars, impeding traffic that people just walked off and left them, can't imagine doing that) and some people were stuck in traffic for 5 hours, can you imagine??? it was backed up for 25 miles!!!! so very glad we did not have to get anywhere.
Janmarie is doing really great, but yesterday she was in alot of pain and had to go to the hospital for ultra sound on her leg, they were afraid of blood clots, BUT all was well and she just got more heavy-duty pain pills. she is limping about, putting weight on it, it is hard for her to bend it tho and she needs a chauffer, it is her right leg and so she can't drive, i am here for the duration :)
That's ok, i have books, crocheting and some wool work to do, so i will not get bored and have plenty to do, and there is the doggies, going in and out and cleaning up after :), oh, no, yes, they make mistakes, the little one is only little tiny pencil droppings, so cute, ha!
Today we have rain, and that is luci's nemesis, she hates getting wet!!! we have already had one set to, on the need to go OUTSIDE!!!! oh, and need to do things for Janmarie too!!!!
It's New Years Eve!!! Hope you all have a Blessed New Year !!
Take Care and God Bless

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