Friday, January 29, 2010


Well, i am back home. Now with 4 dogs, not just two!!! we are dog sitting for Dee Dee's mom and aunt. It certainly makes for a house full of DOG. Had to go out and pick poop this afternoon, one of the more exciting chores of dog ownership and with 4 dogs out there, well, let me tell you!!!! Snowing out right now.
Went to Madras today to see my aunt, she was asleep, hate to wake her, think i am going to start going later in the afternoon, maybe i can catch her up, It was foggy in Madras, but a nice drive out there, good to just get out of the town you are in after awhile and see something new. A Carl's JR opened in Redmond, and they cut down a bunch of juniper trees at the intersection on Juniper Butte where you turn off 97 to go to Culver. They had really grown over the years, used to be just little trees, Junipers grow as weeds, which some think they are, Mom and I LOVED the junipers, it is what is indigenous to the area and the smell after a good rain is wonderful. Coming over the mountain to home after being gone for awhile, the smell of them hits you, i remember coming home on leave in the 60's and when you got a whiff of them, you just know you were home!
Anyway these trees had gotten large and i just bet they hindered the view getting onto the highway, hope so, and they weren't just cut for the hell of it....
Hope you all have fond memories of home'
Take Care and God Bless

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