Tuesday, January 19, 2010

He's here!

Jack's back!!!
No, I do not only watch TV and go to the movies, but these are the things that have happened this week! I love 24, have watched it for a couple years and when i 'discovered' it had to catch up on prior seasons, that was really fun, i would watch the episodes one right after another and there was none of this having to wait until next week to find out what happened!!! So am excited again when Mondays come, but have such a problem as it is on the same time as 'the Bachelor' so have to tape one and watch it the next day...how awful!!!
i did get something done tho the last couple of days, i have cleaned out my magazines, i had stacks of them all over the house in strategic spots. when cleaning the craft room, came to the conclusion that i needed more space and did i really need to have a shelf full of magazines and books on stamping? Soooo some of the older books and most of the mags had to leave and as long as i am doing that i should clean out the side tables by my chair in the living room and the stack under the craft table, too!!! so you see how things balloon out of all reasonable shape and order. AND i have come to the conclusion that i NEED to STOP buying mags!!!! I could have gone on a trip somewhere with all the money i spent on them!!! I mean, this is REAL friends.
So i am going to do what a good friend does and go to Borders, well we only have a Barnes and Noble here in Bend, and read in there while drinking a coffee and take notes.
Most of those mags i did not remember, i had gotten bogged down in them looking thru each one before termination (yes, i did recycle and am even going to take some to my stamping group to share) and said friend said, why are you even doing that? if you have not looked at them in 2 years, and some were from 1997!!! what relevance do they hold now? and some of the pages i had originally turned down i have no idea why i even did that to begin with. Some , were like, oh, yeah, i was going to do that!!! so i have a little file folder now, that has some clippings in them and if i don't go to that in the next couple months, i will get rid of those too! Promise!!!! and i feel so free, and have lots more space, just space, i don't have to fill it up with anything else, have decided..
And Target.com sent me my plastic glasses and melamine dishes for the RV, so have that taken care of. i was and am still going to use old plates from antique stores, but thought i should have something non-breakable in there too, and they are not too heavy. Because i have been told that you don't want to get too many things in there due to weight and then using too much gas.
So that is how i have spent the last couple of days, untold trips to the recyle can, carrying heavy batches of magazines! and Thurday will be south of Sunriver, house sitting again for a week.
So you all Take care and God Bless you all

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