Tuesday, January 26, 2010

more snow

We had a couple more inches of snow last nite, had to shovel off the deck again. Also, finally had the snowplow guy to clear off the driveway, so it would not get all icky with cars going in and out. Feels almost balmy out there now and you can see some blue sky. Snow was really wet and heavy. Oh, and i locked myself out when i went out to shovel, so had to shovel a path or stay close to the house to get around to the garage side, so i could key in the code and get back into the house!!!! Geez! what else will happen...? the minute the door clicked shut, i thought, oh, i bet that is not good, sure enough, no going back in that way!!!
Getting alot done on the afghan i'm doing, that is a good thing, idle hands you know......
Take Care and God Bless
Remember when you leave the house, to think about how you are getting back in :)

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