Sunday, January 3, 2010

Visit with Jeri May

This is my youngest niece, she is 19 and recently relocated to Gresham, about 1 1/2 hours from her home in Madras, and she is lonely. Even tho she is living with friends and not totally alone. So Auntie went to see her and took her to the Olive Garden for lunch and shopping. We had a nice time and visit. Did not get back to McMinnville until about 5p, still not dead dark yet, so I was safe, Ha!!!
We always seem to have fun with each other, have been on some great trips! Went on a camping trip in DeeDee's van to Mt Rushmore, Yellowstone/Tetons and Montana to see my friends there. THAT was fun. We were gone like for 3 weeks too!!!
Then we have been to the beach a number of times and to Crater Lake one weekend day with DeeDee. And then there was the Disneyland trip. That was really FUN!!! rides and swimming and the California beach. And growing up, she got to spend week ends with me lots of times. I was working, she was in school.
She was with me the whole summer that Mom was ill and we had to clear out and sell the house, right up and thru her passing. She was such a help and solace.
It was a nice drive over to see her, not raining. The Willamette River was high and muddy. Traffic was light.
I am trying to get together 10 of my favorite things and i can't think of what they might be. then i don't know how to get pictures of them on here. The pictures always go to the top of the page and not below the writing as i would like it too, evidenced my some of my 1st blogs. So we will see what kind of a format i can come up with and if it will read as i want it too. 10 things, that seems like alot!
Iowa is really, really cold! and even Texas and Florida are cold, below normal, that seems really odd. I want to spend next winter in Florida and i don't want it to be freezing for heavens sake!! I thought Florida was like 70-80 ALL the time.
Ending on coldness, hope you are all staying warm and cozy.......
Take Care and God Bless

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