Thursday, February 18, 2010

Back Home - Again

Yes, I am back home for a couple days, Saturday need to go to Madras and help facilitate the move of Auntie Thelma, the whole facilities are moving a block up the street into another building and thought it would be better if we helped her, maybe she would not be as disoriented.
then Monday to Hawaii!!!!
Don't know yet if taking the lap top or not, so there may be a period of time that i am off line, so to speak. Luci is going to be a mess, she has been 'acting out' this week, so i hear, peeing in the bathroom and demanding that DeeDee get up at 4am to put her out or she pees in Her bedroom!!! Geez, guess we will never get over this, but she is mad that i am gone, don't imagine the housesitter will have a fun time with her, hee-hee. Maybe it will be just one tiny, little insignificant thing that i don't mention :). such a twerp she is. i have her on my lap right now and am trying to give her all the comfort and support that i can.
Say, have you been watching the Olympics!!! I LOVE the ice skating, but have gotten into the short track and Apollo Ono going round and round and those guys trying to push each other off, i never saw that in the Olympics b4, i swear, it is like rollar derby on ice, for cripes sake. And Shawn White on the snowboard and the downhill skiers, that is all rather thrilling!!!
This pic is a close-up of the south or back side of Mt Bachelor, thought it turned out ski runs on this side.
Started another afghan as could not figure out the 1st one, and am half done, just sit and crochet like crazy while watching TV.
And how stupid is The Bachelor??? I mean, really????
Well, have to go get things unpacked and washed, so i can pack up again, have to find some summer clothes as the weather station shows it is 80 in Hawaii!!!! Oh my, am just goiong to sit in the sun like a lizard and soak up the heat until my bones are warm!!!
You all Take Care and God Bless

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