Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 6?

Today we went out for breakfast at Ken's Steakhouse which is apparently THE place to eat, everyone was there! It was nice. then drove along the shore som more and ended at a black sand beach that we had to walk 1/4 mile into. It was pretty neat!!!! and it rained, can actually say that i got cold before got back to the house and had to take a HOT shower, to warm up!!!! Went thru some heavy rains to get back here, but it was all of maybe 15 miles total back to our house and it is only sprinkling here, so no worries, as they say here :)
having a shrimp and noodle dinner
Oh, and went to the sunday market in Pahoe, it was ok, the one downtown was bigger had more crafty things, but i did get a wood carved turtle, primative, he called to me.

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