Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Don't know, the last couple of days i have been getting more 'stuff' done, probably the weather. It must be in the 60's at least the 50's, sunny, hardly any clouds, the mountains are all white and just STICK out there on the horizon!!
Have been tanning, getting ready for Hawaii, we leave the 21st!!!! getting close and if i go there with no base tan i will burn like crazy, so have to go thru this, but it is nice, like a mini vacation. Got Luci's nails done, she was NOT happy.
Yesterday, took in taxes, made appointments for hair and waxing --:)
Today i found this park and walk way behind the Senior Center here in Bend. It was the most wonderful thing. Ponderosa pines, an irrigation canal, no water now, but in the summer there will be gurgling water, there is shade and light and it runs thru a neighborhood in the back yards, like between sub-divisions. My bestest friend ever used to live right there in the late 70's, early 80's at that time it was a sub-division in turmoil that did not take off as it should have and now there is the nice Senior Center, BIG playground, park, picnic benches and this is where the trail starts and you can walk all the way to Pilot Butte which is probably a couple miles on a pine needle covered gravel walkway, could even bike back there. Luci thought it was very nice, lots of squirrels! We just walked and walked, sat on a bench and walked back, did not even have my jacket on, but artfully draped and tied around my waist...HA!
I even found time to have lunch with a couple friends at the new Olive Garden that just opened last month. It was very nice to get out and talk to other people in a nice atmosphere. Food was good as was the service!!!!
Hope you are having happy days!!!

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