Saturday, February 27, 2010


WELL!!!! we were evacuated, high thrill for the day. Came honking horns, banging on the door at 7am!!!! did you know the sun comes up then? took time to snap a pic :)
Earthquake in Chili so there was forecast of a tsunami.....
we spent the day on the volcano. That's where the police told us to go. went to a lookout about at 2000 ft level along with MANY other people and sat there, watching the ocean about 20 miles away, & watched & watched and it did nothing. but the lava and all that area was really cool to see, much more lava and different than we get in central Oregon. miles and miles of it and huge craters and lava tubes. we got the all clear about 2pm, had lunch in small town of volcano then went back to the house and it was ok, nothing happened there. the little caretaker came to welcome us back and put things back in order, had put all the rugs up, took down the umbrella on the deck, turned off the hot tub, so he undid all of that and we are back in order!!! took a swim in the pool and here i am.
and we are able to get ready in a VERY short period of time, get food and water and all of our things packed in the car and on the road in under 1/2 hour!!!! pretty good for 5 women.
hope your day was good, and maybe not quite so exciting.
Take Care & God Bless

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