Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 10-Last Day!

Today we drove west past the volcano into the Hua district, Went to a black sand beach and saw turtles!!!!! yes we did!!!! it was sooooo cool, they were in the rocks by the beach feeding on algae. got some GOOD pics. there was one on the sand as we got there and tried my hardest to sling my way thru the sand in my thongs/flip flops BUT he was just as determined to get away from all of the people who saw him, so only got the back side of him b4 he got to deep water, you think i could move faster than a turtle, not so!!!! THAT is a sad state of affairs. Just sayin'
then we stopped at a COFFEE place, that is all it said on the sign, she was quite a character, said she retired from the forest service and told her husband that she wanted to have a coffee stand in the desert and this is where he took her!!! they were building a nice house on a rise amid coffee trees, they grow/harvest/roast their own brand and then sell it, we had some and it was really, really good, no after taste , so bought some beans and took a card to order from them. they had some macadamia trees too right by the road and we could go and pick some up, so we did, don't know how i will crack them as they are very hard and she had a little machine that did it, hand crank thing... and i don't have one of those, ah well. there were all kinds of macadamia nut orchards around there too!
came back to Pahou and went to a board shop, nicest girls in there, discovered Burly Boy things and got some cute things, for people, a onsie for my friend Carol's new baby boy grandchild 9# 9 ozs, big boy and he looks so like a BOY!!! Congrats to her and her family. He was born March 2nd, my mom's birthday :)
Today is the last day and have had such a wonderful time here in this special place on earth. sun/sand & surf!!!!! lots of laughs and new sights and memories
Take Care & God Bless to you all!!!

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  1. I love that Laithe shares a birthday with your mom! so special!