Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Well, just looked at my blog and last i wrote i was sick and pitiful and guess i better tell you all that, yes, i did survive and am as fine as frog's hair. (Mom always used to say that)There were a couple days getting it and a couple being pitiful and a couple getting over it, so now all is well.
Have been doing chores, seems as if there is something everyday that needs to be done or gotten. Took both my finished afghans to get blocked at the cleaners. Today i had the car washed, came home and wiped down the inside and it feels good to have a clean car, even washed Luci's bedding, she will like that. We have gone for a walk. Tanned. gotten groceries. Made a book on 'SnapFish,com' of Hawaii pictures. I like having and doing those. BUT it does take time and organizing the pictures and whatnot. which can be a pain and the lap top would not let me download in bunches, had to do each pic individual, which i almost lost patience with :)
Ordered meds, everything takes time, which i do have plenty of, but things some times are not what a person would really like to do right at that minute.
We hired new yard guy and he had 3 guys here for 4 hours working on the front and side yards. I had let the grass take over some of the beds a little, but geez, did not really think it was THAT bad. Glad i don't have to PAY for that!!!!
We have had a wonderful couple of days here, even had the doors & windows open.
Hope you are all feeling well and happy.
Take Care and God Bless

The pic is of Carl (Dirty Carl Wallace) my son's dog. English bulldog. He is a great, fairly well behaved dog, but he snores, farts and just generally stinks!!!! and grumbles, talks to you. At least he no longer jumps up on me, thru my diligent training, Brian lets him up on the furniture and sleeps with him, ick, when he stays with us, he has a pad on the floor!!!!

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  1. that is a pretty nice pad on the floor for a snotty, farting English bulldog......