Friday, April 16, 2010

Getting Ready

Still South of Sunriver housesitting until monday at about noon, getting RV ready for it's first run -leaving 4th may for Big Sur for a family wedding!!!! It is very exciting. (getting the rv ready or the wedding, hard to tell which :) will take photos. It is my oldest niece, she is a teacher in southern cal, has held onto a job for the last 3 years. The budget is not good from year to year and she still gets offered a job back, good for her!!!! Proud that she has stuck with it and is realizing her dreams.
We have an overcast day today, but warm out there, were i home, would do some yard work. I did have to get up early, 7am to be in Bend for yearly mamogram, hope you all do that too!!! Did stop by the house and sit with little Luci for awhile, she was very needy and upset when i left......

Oooooo, the most AWFUL thing happened when i left the house Wednesday, i was getting a box from the dark recesses of the garage and stepped on something, almost made me fall down, i slipped, and was cussing out the dogs as sure one of them pooped out there! got papertowels to clean up, turned on the lights and it was a dead mouse!!!!!! oh, ick, ick, ick!!!!!! after stepped on it, it was really smoosed. so very thankful was NOT in bare feet, had on my shoes!!!! (when i get home will have to investigate and take care of a mouse problem???))
With that I will leave you
Take Care and God Bless

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  1. oh Loree - that is soooo icky. Thank You for sharing with us!!