Saturday, May 1, 2010

All Ready

Well, the Rv is all ready for the trip! Got gas today, 65 gals, wow!!!! and Propane so we will not freeze. Leaving Tuesday late at night and Brother Jerry is going to drive all night. Takes 10 hours from here to Big Sur! so will be there by noon to pick up the car rental. My brother, son and niece are traveling to another niece's wedding, It will be an adventure and make it a mini vacation, see the Monterey Aquarium and Carmel and Pebble Beach. The wedding is just a small part of the fun. I drove the RV today with the sister-in-law, long haul truck driver giving me tips and hints. Mainly to be looking all around and mind other drivers as they are not minding me. AND mind the tail swing!!!! she said i did very good, except for the time i was backing up at the propane place and did not look behind me, and could not get the locking gas cap off!!! Yeah for the gas attendant in Oregon!!!!!!
Hope you all see adventures in your future too!!!
Take care and God Bless

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