Friday, May 28, 2010

Another Day

When you live in 'the Valley' where it rains all the time you get to have things like these, that the neighbor has in her yard. Aren't they beautiful??? Would LOVE to have this in my yard! They are soooo luscious.
Today we went to get hair done, got a great haircut. Lookin good, Janmarie got roots done, and weave blond strips, and a haircut, WOW.. it looks good, but took along time! She got a pedicure too, i got my feet soaked, apparently they forgot about me!!!! and then we had to be somewhere in 10 minutes!!!! said i would come back, but i won't...... Guess the most important one got hers done, ah, well..... hope y'all had a good day
we had some rain, just to keep my weather report up, i mean seems like all i do is report on weather :)

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