Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day to Day

Not much going on guys, just healing. Walk the dogs. To WalGrens to get meds changed over and filled. Tomorrow is a BIG day getting hair cut and a pedicure, can hardly wait to get out and move about. got a 'tiny' bit lost while coming home from WalGrens, BUT can't get too lost in McMinnville :) It is not that big a place, just go in the direction that you think you should go and there you be!!! Looks like it will rain again today, has not for a period , that is such a change and relief! I really am a desert like person.

Heard the President on the oil spill this morning, RIGHT during 'The View", geez, i felt they should stop beating up on him and get back to the 'The View" BUT they never did, disappointed, but then i guess NOT as disappointed as the people living on the gulf coast. Hope they get that all cleared up by the time i am down there in November this year!!!! I am so looking forward to the beautiful beach and many shells to be found...

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