Saturday, May 29, 2010

How About this One??

I love these flowers, also in the neighbors yard! are they lilies, oh, i think an Iris! They are so wedding like and the color so vibrant.
Today there is sun. I have a BUNCH of chores to do. get meds at the other end of town, give Luci a bath. She is terrified of the neighbor, who is a REALLY nice woman, don't know what the problem is. Well, we had to be gone a goodly portion of yesterday and the neighbor came in to clean house while we were gone, yes, that is right, i don't have to clean house here :) and Luci pooped all over herself, with her tail clamped between her legs, as she was scared! so i have to get that all cleaned up today, she smells ghastly!!!! No, i DID clean her up, i know what you are all thinking, (I sleep with her) BUT obviously did not get her clean enough without doing a rigorous scrubbing, which she is then going to be madder than a hornet about..... so, no matter what i will not be able to win today! then have to do some work outside, clean up poop piles, my favorite chore, and some weeding, laundry, have a pedicure, get some more groceries, we are depleted. and have some recipes i want to try.
You know, things like that. I also have a couple people that i need to see while i am over her, in
'the Valley' that i normally don't get to see as i am on my way through or back. And never have time to stop for a visit, because when traveling i always feel as if i am on a time table to get somewhere. Which is sillier than anything, but that is the way i am, get that from my Father, i do believe.
Well, so, guess i better get at it, rather than sit here, altho it is a good thing to procrastinate!
Take Care and God Bless y'all.

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