Monday, May 24, 2010

Went Well

the surgery went well and now the patient is sleeping, home, but sleeping ALL the time and snoring up a storm!!!! We have gone 36 hours with no rain and now all of that cotton stuff is blowing around and getting up your nose when you go outside, I think it comes off trees? Nice Spring weather. But boy was there RAIN before that, I forget how it can rain here "in the valley "as we call it on the 'other' side of the mountains. Miss my desert smells and dry feeling, BUT my hands are all nice and soft. Oh another good thing about the patient being home is now i only have to sleep with ONE dog!!! HA!!!! Stella is only 3 pounds, but she does generate alot of heat and you worry about rolling over on her, but she is pretty nimble :) and manages to stay out of the way. And, yes, i did manage to find my way from St Vincent Hospital in Beaverton to the house in McMinnville, although it was touch and go at one point
Hope all of you are feeling well
We are on the mend!!!
Take Care and God Bless

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