Friday, June 4, 2010


Yes, i am home, and all settled in. It was a nice drive over the pass, rained alot on top and the Santiam was really FULL and muddy, lots of trees down, don't think i have ever seen it so high. The little trees were all budded out and the dogwood was blooming and the rhodies were starting in places, in a week or so they will be beautiful!!! Janmarie doing well, she had her follow-up doctor appt on Thursday and he was pleased, she is healing as he expected, just taking much longer than she thought it would, BUT he knew it would be more than what she thought. She has friends there and young kids that want to spend nights with auntie janmarie and i was taking up their place, soooo, here i am. Now i can get ready to getting the RV ready and look for a tow vehicle. Brother Jerry is all excited about taking me to get a gun, GEEZ, at least their minds will be at ease that there is the illusion of my being protected. If you remember i did get my concealed handgun permit back in March of last year, so that part is all done.
Well, here i am, Luci is happy to be where she is familiar with things and had a grand reunion with DeeDee.
Take Care and God Bless

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