Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Larsson Books

Here are pics of the Santiam river, it does not show how muddy it was tho, but it was fast and furious! Don't think i have ever seen it so full of water. We have had an in ordinate amount of rain this year tho! Everything over here in the desert is green and blooming, it is quite amazing. There are times when the dry is green and feels so earthy!

Am doing the Madras shuffle today BUT have to wait until 1pm to leave as am waiting to pick up some things to take to Jerry. I just hate waiting to start something, want to get going, but have caught up on all of my reading of papers and magazines. Just finished "the Girl" series by Larsson (see sidebar of books read) it ended where she took Blomvist back into her life, as a friend, so there was room for further books, but the author sent all 3 books to a publisher then passed away in 2004, don't know why, but it is really sad that these 3 books are all there is. I have really enjoyed the series, got them all on my Kindle and just zipped thru them!!!! Like to read authors and it is sadness and despair that there are no further books in the future to look forward to, but if you are a reader and enjoy mysteries/crime, they are very good.

Boy it is windy out there right now, but blue skies and expected high temps for further into the week. Did yard work yesterday and boy my butt muscles hurts today, what is with that?

Take Care all!!!

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