Monday, June 14, 2010


Where did the week-end go anyway! I helped a new neighbor, DeeDee's boss work on her yard, it is a weedy mess, Saturday, then i collapsed :) Sunday worked in the yard and did chores, the pick poop thing, put out the garbage and get the front and back decks in order now that we FINALLY have some good weather, it is nice to be able to sit out there in CLEAN chairs and take in the sun or read in the shade, or even eat a meal is nice too. And our back yard is very private and nice to be by yourself and Luci does like being out there is I am out there. BUT not with any water. You turn on the water and she runs for the house, she may get wet don't you know?
Nothing else exciting happened, read and watched old movies late at night. No visitors or anything like that. Just everyday life.
Hope you are all well and taking in some great weather!
Take Care and God Bless

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